Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Trey Brotherhood's take on gaming

I was playing Modern Warfare the other day when I heard some young lads talk of the Modern Warfare 2 boycott, and whether they would be purchasing the game when it's released. After a small back and forth they both decided they were going to get it but they would have to trade in a few older games to knock down the hefty price. (I think one of them talked of getting the creepy edition)

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was on youtube watching videos of angry gaming fans talk of Activision's price hike and that's when I found ELPRESADOR - Leader of the Trey Brotherhood.

As you can see he's very energetic and outspoken. I had to see what else he talks about. As it turns out he's a PS3 fan and doesn't think very much of Microsoft.... or decorating.....

This Vid actually got a funny video response. The 80's opening credits made me spit water on my screen.... which also caused a back and forth. and uhhh.... more creepy laughing

(hehehe pouty lips)

He reminds me of a wrestler from the 90's, and I'm pretty sure if I told him I have a 360 he would choke-slam me through a table, drag me to the nearest Wal-mart and make me purchase a PS3. (Although Darryl might get to me first on that one- I'll have one soonish!!)

I wonder what he thinks of the upcoming Hal-9000ish device known as Project Natal?

Now I try to avoid fanboys of any kind but this guy is really entertaining. So if you found or know of any funny Fanboy youtube videos (360, wii, ps3, any system!) please e-mail us at

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p.maestro said...

at first i was drawn to this man's energy and his commitment to his values. after a bit, he sounds like an obnoxious child, haha.

still, i must agree whole heartedly with his stance on the modern warfare dilemma. boycotting modern warfare 2 for whatever reason is like dumping your wicked-in-bed girlfriend because she doesn't want to go skating saturday.

at some point you must recognize that the value of the game is higher than your own. you may give it up, but you'll never find another multiplayer experience like it.

"modern warfare is the best multiplayer!" - ELPRESADOR

Blake said...

What if your,"wicked in Bed" girlfriend, has 5 teeth, weighs 353 lbs and has more facial hair on her face then on your entire body and stinks like last weeks tuna casserole?!lol

But she's WICKED in bed!

I probable get it eventually. Like COD4. I got that game 4 years after it came out. I don't mind waiting.

I also need to play, MGS4, uncharted, infamous, fable 2, fallout 3. I will get to them at some point.

Josh Rodgers said...

I think you'll like Fallout 3. I had a lot of fun with the karma meter in it and the whole looting thing was great!

You have to write a MGS4 review after you play it. I wanna hear your thoughts on that one.