Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harder Dicks Balls Trophy - Pain - PS3

I talked about the game Pain before so I won't go into that all again. I think I mentioned that Pain has some of the hardest Trophies that I have ever tried to get.

I went online looking for help and mostly found the dreaded video of someone recording themselves doing the task and not saying what or how they did it. You may ask, "well just look at what he did and do that". But the reason Pain is so difficult is that there are little tiny movements and placements that have to be do in order to even have a 50% chance of succeeding at the task.

I went back and started playing Pain again and I really enjoy it. I only stopped playing because I had other games that I wanted to play, its still a refreshing punch in the face.

But this one trophy requires you to grab 4 balls one at a time and dump(ooch) them into 2 dumpsters behind the sign they are attached to. This is insanely hard to do. I tried years ago and didn't do it and was attempting it again with no success.

(There are 2 things wrong with this video. 1. The thing he is doing with the tennis ball, that is next to the luckiest things you can do. 90% of the time the ball with fly off the edge. You are really making it harder on your self. 2. The football Up grab, by doing this you risk hitting the bomb befor you grab the ball which can result more often getting blown over the sign without the ball. Doing it this way is going to make your head hurt, but the soccer and golf ball is right)

I wish I could record my gameplay, but let me explain the same way a person would if you were watching one of those crappy help (my ass) videos.

I launched myself.

I grabbed the ball.

I (ooch)ed myself into the dumpsters.

I repeated this 3 more times.

There you go, you now know how to do it (0_0)

This is what I did and its half luck and half skill. But if you are just randomly flailing about, then its more like 75% luck, 10% skill, 20% being a useless Ass.

(Again, don't do this. You want to eliminate the amount of luck involved. This creates so many problems. You are essentially trying to give yourself a brain aneurysm if you want this to succeed, its always easier said than done when it comes to Pain)

1.Golf Ball
I used Full power for all the launches.
I used the Down grab
I grabbed the top part of the ball almost has if I was going to shoot over it and miss it. Just skim the top.
Depending on where you grabbed the ball . You could grab it with enough momentum to carry you over to the dumpsters and you just use your regular ooch to get you to your point.
So you have to wait a sec or 2 to see how the launched played out to see if you have to super ooch or not.
Once you have determined if you can fall into the dumpsters using your momentum, you use your regular ooch to guide you in the dumpster or use a super ooch to give you some lift to make the jump.

(This was the method that I was using until now. Like I said, in all my attempts. I managed the get the ball over the sign once. By that I mean, it was the only time I even got the ball near the dumpsters. Where the other method works "ALMOST" all the time.)

Soccer Ball.
Repeat what you did for the Golf ball.These 2 are the easiest ones to get in.

Tennis Ball
I used the Left grab and tried to grab the outer edge of the tennis ball.
Sometimes the ball would pop out, some times it wouldn't. It seemed random and frustrating.
When you did get the ball, it usually came out with you and the ball spinning like a top. I almost always used a super ouch to get myself going left towards the containers after the grab. I then used regular ooch to get myself towards the containers.
There were times that I even let go of the ball to (hopefully) shoot it into the dumpster because it looked like it wasn't going in.

(This is how the ball should be done with the football.)

The hardest one to get in. Unlike the others you can't grab it and shoot it over the sign(easily) like the other ones did. You can try, but it is stupid hard. Even if this method is dragging on you, don't even try. In all my attempts I only ever got it over the sign and towards the dumpsters Once.
What you need to do, is aim your self towards the football with your DOWN grab. Make sure that your body is in the center of the football when flying towards it.
Once you hit the ball and hold on to it, you will fall backwards into a bomb infront of the ball.
This bomb will then blow you up in the air, where you will SUPER ooch over the sign and ooch the rest of the way into the dumpsters.

If you think this is impossible. This technique with the football, I was able to get the ball over the sign all but 2 times. Where the last technique, I got it over the sign Once. So it is very reliable method and I was able to get the football over the sign almost every time. But its the super ooch direction that determines the rest.

That's about all the help I can offer. Plus the videos here is a great Aid along with the explanation.