Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Performing 278 Different Fusions......Waaaiiiiit???

So I finished 100% of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Got my my 7th platinum trophy. Was this one hard to get? No, not really. It was tedious and boring. All the levels play the same. Start level, punch punch, shoot, laser, kick until you get to a end boss and you X,X,X or A, A, A into oblivion. There's just not enough variety in the game to keep my interest now that its done.

Which is probable a good thing. If they came out with the DLC early enough, I probable would have bought some extra characters just to keep it new and fresh while I grinded away at some of the level request.Especially get the 276 different combination of Fusions with each hero. Which was the last one that I had to do to get my next platinum.

But its all bullshit, there arn't 276 different combinations of fusions you can do in the game. Really, there are only 138. The rest are just the same fusion initiated by the other player of that fusion.

So if wolverine starts a Fusion with Iceman and does a Fusion. Then that is ONE Fusion. Then if Iceman turns around and starts a Fusions with Wolverine, ITS THE SAME DAMN FUSION!!! There's nothing different about it besides Iceman started it instead of wolverine.

What a load of shit those developers were braggin about in the beginning about 276 different fusions you can do. Its the same thing if a Ice Cream store was braggin about 276 different flavours of ice cream.

Me,"Hello, Mr ice cream man, I would like to have a strawberry bubblegum Ice Cream please"

Ice Cream man, "Oh, would you like to try one of our other flavours"

Me, "I sure would Mr Ice Cream man!!!:)"

Ice Cream man, "Then instead of just trying strawberry bubblegum, how about you try our new, bubblegum strawberry flavour?!"


Just down right lies, don't believe me, then lets hear the words straight from the president of Vicarious Visions. At 0:52 you can do "OVER 250 POWER COMBINATIONS!!! "

Wow, really?!..that's awesome. How can gamers believe anything that is said in some of the media. We almost have to rely on eachother, cause its seems the guys at the top don't give 2 fucks about us and will lie till the cows come home....oh cow is knocking to get in.

So to get all these 276 different combinations, I would have drove myself mad trying to remember what heroes I did what with. So I roughly made a Crisscross Chart. But after crossing off a few heroes, it got pretty messy. So I decided to tighten it up.

This was my second one that worked well for one hero, but then I started the others and it became obvious that it wasn't going to work. It would turn into a big mess.

So Finally (I forget the math name for this, if only I listened in grade 4) I made a whole chart that I could easily mark off the X and Y axis of all the combinations. This worked really well and made it super easy to keep track of what I had done and didn't do.

In the end, the game is over, and I will probable never pick it up again to play single player. Maybe to go online and play with some of my friends. But if the deal is still the same with the DLC, if one of us gets the DLC, they can't play with the anyone who doesn't have it, so that would suck. So rest in Peace my dear MUA2, cause now you REST IN PIECES!!!! MUAHAHAH, BANG, BANG, BANG!!!!


rowen26 said...

This is simply madness!

I love that you made charts to keep track though. Very methodical.

See, I don't care enough for trophies to go through that much grinding.

p.maestro said...

yeah nice work man! i would care more about getting trophies if i had some. i got a couple for uncharted, but i'm not that interested in finishing that game anyway.

that final chart you made was ingenious

hey, my word verification for this post is "weedbone" that's funny.

El Gran Don Cocor said...
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