Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I signed into PSN last night and it tells me I have 3 messages. Well I have a pretty big list of friends on my list, I may get 1 message. But rarely do I get 3. So I open it up and I don't recognize the senders of the messages.

The first message seems like a legit message that someone took the time to write, but they must have been on crack or live in the past. They were asking me about juggernaut for MUA2. Do I know what the price of juggernaut will be for the DLC, will he come in a character pack and will I pay $40 for him because they have been searching for 2 weeks now and can't find any info on him.

What the hell is this guy on?! $40 Dollars, 2 weeks, searching all over the net, can't find anything. None of these questions make any sense. I would say its some kind of scam, but he wasn't asking anything business like. He was just nuts! I wrote him back saying he made my brain hurt and he doesn't make any sense to me. Great Question, now I have one for you," I heard they are making a mortal kombat vs dc game, do you know what characters will be there, I hope batman makes it in!!!"

The other 2 messages were from the same guy. Both stupid chain letters. One telling me that PSN will send me $20 if I forward this to other people on my friend list to show the PSN that I have an active account. The other was forward this message in protest of Sony's announcement that they are going to charge people for playing online like the Xbox.

Sony isn't charging anybody anything to play online. If there was any talk of that, it would be all over the game sites and magazines and podcast. There isn't a hint of that, no rumors nothing, period. As for the other message, if PSN was going to give me money, then it would be something that is sent to you in the newsletter that you sign up for when you make your account. But again, there is not talks, rumours nothing of this being done by Sony. ITS ALL BULLCRAP!!

So why do people do this?! I'm going to start my own message, and send it back to the gullible guy who send me those 2 messages, telling him that if he doesn't forward this message a bug will be send to his IP and wipe out all saved and trophy data. That sounds good. Why would I do that?! Why not, it seems that's what you do on the PSN now.

I look forward to more absurd messages from the world of PSN.


Loner Gamer said...

That first email seems like a fan response to the many MUA2 features that you have posted up here. Your PSN ID is on the site so people can easily contact you even if they are not on your friend's list. The question is seemingly innocent and valid, maybe he/she just doesn't know how to ask the right question.

The other two are popular chain emails that have been going around the PSN lately. It's sad for me to say this but they are still a lot of people out there who believe in the threats/rewards suggested by chain emails.

p.maestro said...

copy and paste this post into 56 other blog comment pages or your psn id will be deleted. if you send it to all 56, then your crush will take you in her mouth within 3 days.

Blake said...

Are you saying that I will have a crushed penis?!