Friday, October 16, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Update

For Someone who hates the new MUA2, I sure do talk alot about it. But its like Uwl Bol and his movies, they are just so compelling for the wrong reason. So an update to MUA2 and the DLC which I am interested in has some new news.

They revealed some of what will be released and in what kind of package can we expect. What we are going to get are...

1) A selection of new characters from both Villains and Heroes. How many? we don't know. What we do know is that the characters so far is Carnage and Psyloke

2) New simulator missions such has beat a number of enemies before your completely boxed in by a wall of lasers or survival mode which gets more intense with every enemy you defeat. How many new sim missions, well 2 for sure but they are saying there will be more.

3) New Boost Added, How many we don't know. But they are said to be part of the sim missions. Prizes for beating them.

4) New Achievements/Trophies for doing the sims and other new tidbits they will add.

5) A surprise by Vicarious Visions that the fans will love. What can this be, only God and Jesus knows.

So, I guess the idea of buying the characters single is gone, maybe they will release them individual later on, I don't know and am just guessing. But it looks like a package of DLC, so we are probable looking at $9.99. I am pretty sure about that, most DLC packages go for that price. But If you get 6 characters and 4-6 new sim missions and new boost and trophies and a surprise. I guess its not a bad deal after all.

Here's keeping my fingers crossed.


p.maestro said...

psylocke is cool and all, but i don't care enough to pay for her.

the surprise is hopefully a different ending.