Monday, October 19, 2009

Resident Evil - PS1 - Countdown to Halloween

The ultimate all time King of Kings that defined a genre, Resident Evil. Anyone who's anyone knows about this game, whether they heard of the name or have played it, its up there in the top 10 games of all time or damn well near there.

I didn't own the game so I didn't get the play at your leisure that I like to do. Which probable enhanced the experience, because I rented it on Friday and I had to have it back by Monday. So I played into the wee hrs of the night. But come Saturday night at 2:45 in the morning, sitting in a dark room with just the TV light on and the sound of zombies off in the distance and then BAAAM!!!

I ran to the typewriter or recorder (can't remember which) to save the game, turn it off and then watch some TV to settle my zombie ridden brain before I could go to sleep. That's how good that shit was.

It was an amazing game! Since then I've played Resident Evil : code veronica and Resident Evil 4. 4 was Fantastic, I don't remember it being as scary has the first one but it was still a great game. And Code: Veronica I didn't like so much. I don't know what happened between Resident Evil 4 and the new one, 5. I remember playing 4 and not thinking, "Wow, the controls are hard to get used too, I can't move". Unlike 5 where I was flaying around like a zombie myself. I was dieing so much due to the character not being intuitive to what I wanted him/her to do. What went wrong between 4 and 5?

Regardless of what came after the first Resident Evil. The original is a classic and to this day was the first game to actually make me afraid. I know...such a ballsac I am!!

Ian also said that he had a similar experience, so if you want to add to this post with your own thoughts. Then by all means, go ahead.

What the hell is this?! I don't remember this live action thingy at the beginning of the game. Was this the trailer for the game? What ever it is, its horrible, unlike the game.


Josh Rodgers said...

The movie clip at the bottom is from the Director's Cut of the game. It fits the overall cheesy-ness of "you were almost a Jill sandwich"..... mmmm Jill sandwich with cheese

rowen26 said...


I still love the horrible acting in that game.

Blake said...

Look out, dere be zombies on the ways to get us, me and you that is!