Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nightmare on Elmstreet - NES - Countdown to Halloween

Out of all of the NES games that I played based off horror movies. The Freddy movies scared the living fuck outta me. I forced myself to sit down and watch these movies.When can you say was the last time you remember watching a movie and literally sweating your balls off. I was covered in sweat after watching this.

The game case even scared me, I couldn't even look at it. It was grab the case run to the counter with my arm oustreteched has if I was holding a shitty diaper and put it on the counter with Freddy's face facing down, so I didn't have to look at him.

How the hell was I going to be able to play this. I couldn't even look at the case?! Way to go there smartass!!. But once the game gets started, its no where near has scary has what a kids imagination is. I had alot of fun with this. I know people shit on it today, buts its always fun to crap on games now that we are all older.

But with the excitement of being afraid and just being a plain ole kid. I enjoyed every part of this game. I like that you could fall asleep and be different characters with different powers. Much like the Castlevania 2 where everything would turn to night. Things have to be pretty bad for kids not to like it. I don't remember when my "This is crap " button came into existence. But for a short time, I enjoyed a large number of crappy games. It was fun, and that's all that matters with any game.
Was this game a good representation of what the movie was about. Well you were kids trying to collect Freddy's bones. There, done. But they have powers when they are asleep, so its more like the 3rd Freddy movie, so its not really Nightmare on Elmstreet the first one. But I may just be picky..wait, no I'm not. Do it right game person people!!

Oh yeah, when the day was over. I even had to take the game case outta my room and hide it somewhere in the house so I didn't have to look at Freddy's face. He's a scary man!

The battle with Freddy was sad. He doesn't even fall dead, he just bounces off the screen. Now I want to movie to refect this.


rowen26 said...

Nightmare on Helm Street is the first movie I remember the adults herding us kids into the playroom so they could watch it. And we weren't allowed out until the movie was done.

So that movie has always left an odd stigma on me, and I never worked up the courage to watch it until a few years ago.

But tie-in games for movies are so different when you're a kid. They could be the crappiest thing, but playing something that's close is good enough. :)

rowen26 said...

LOL! I just noticed how I typed the name.

Duh! So afraid of it, I can't write it. Like Voldemort.

Blake said...

Frightmare on Helm Street, watch out, our Eddie will get you!!!