Friday, October 9, 2009

Carnage - DLC - MUA2

So the glorious gods over at Activision have released their first DLC for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Now whether we have to by him alone or will he be apart of pack of characters. We don't know.

Yes, I think he looks cool, yes, it be neat to add him to the roster of heroes and villains. I have no doubt that it be awesome to see him slashing and eating people. But it all boils down to one thing.

If he will be sold alone, does the Juggernaut that they released for 2 days with a price tag of $1.99 be any indication of what we can expect? Because if that's the case. Then that's not bad. Seeing has Little Big Planet release costumes for your sac boy at the same price. So the characters for MUA2 arn't just skins, but new characters, new voices, new moves, new Fusions. I wonder if they will have their own dialogue throughout the game has well?

So, if that is the case. Then $1.99 is not bad, I be happy with that. But because I would be happy with that I bet you they will raise the price to $2.99. Now I feel uncomfortable, my marvel hippy wants the character, but my rational brain questions its motives. $3.99 is a no deal for adding certain characters.

Its boils down to my favourites. I really like nightcrawler and Colossus, so I probable pay for them at $3.99 but nothing else. $4.99 is a downright, take it up the ass deal. Screw you Activision, just give me more ammo to fuel my hard-on of hate for you.

So lets watch and see and we can all guess what the price point will be.


p.maestro said...

haha, you got on that Fast!

i wouldn't pay 3.99 for any single character. it could be friggin Namor (who i'd love to play as with his little winged ankles!) or Beast (founder of x-men and x-factor AND former member of the avengers - how is he not in either MUA title?)

i would pay 12 dollars for a 4-pack though. (or preferrably 2.99 each) i have often dreamed of different character packs to play as, but at this point i'm really thinking the only thing that would save this game for me via DLC is either an All X-Men pack (Beast, Rogue, Cyclops, Psylocke?) or better yet, some VR missions chronicling classic battles from the comics! i'd pay 3.99 each for those.

in other news... dunno if you saw this yet, but it's the angry nintendo nerd reviewing the old x-men games.
that first x-men game for nintendo drove me INSANE. i hated it so much. it should've been called, Mr.Cube Goes to CubeTown

Peter said...

i downloaded carnage but i can't use him, any help?

Blake said...

Sorry Peter, I haven't heard or read any about any problems with the carnage DLC. I know that's not the answer you wanted, but I honestly don't know.

The game is so old now that I don't even know if they are still supporting the online aspect of the game.

Your best bet, is to post on a forum that is either Activision, Or the developers of the games vicarious vision.

That's the best help I can offer I'm afraid. Good luck sir!