Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jaws - NES - Countdown to Halloween

Again this game was played with my cousins. I would hang out with them on weekends because they lived in a larger town and had access to more things. A wide selection of video games was one of them. So Jaws was another one of those games that I was scared to play thanks to the movie.

But unlike Friday the 13th, when playing Jaws and driving around in our boat and seeing the giant fin come out of the water and head towards us. We would all stand up and yell and shout random kid nonsense. Get away, gooo, AHHHHH, you know, cause jaws can hear these things. I'm sure he's just moving along and all of a sudden he hears, "stooooop, Go away, leave us alone!". And then he does just that. I guess our Jaws was deaf.

But for all the shit I read and watched other gamers crap on this game for being bad I gotta say, playing this game with my cousins was a real treat. We had a great time. It was scary to have jaws chase you, the collecting of sea shells to buy items or to progress to the next scene wasn't tedious, because we were all on edge just waiting for Jaws to chase out and eat us and then the frantic panicked scramble to make it back to the boat.

I can't and won't look at this game with an adults point of view. This game was great to play with a group of friends and I remember it being one of my favorites. Although it was a rental, we did manage to make it to the point of where you have to stab jaws with your boat, we never did manage to do just that.

So our jaws, ...our DEAF jaws is still roaming the seas.

This is sad, we had the game for an entire weekend, multiple times and never beat the game. Here this guy beats it in less than 4 min.


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