Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Big Planet - Watchmen Characters

I am always surprised how much fun I have playing online with friends. There are some great levels that are just hilarious and fun to play. I'm glad that its the game that it is. Something that you can pick up every now and then and play with a group of friends and have a blast.

So here is the next little package that will be released for the the LBP costumes. The popular Watchmen series. Personally, I still like the Ghostbuster pack. But I ain't buying clothes for a little guy for $1.99.

Anyway, for fans of LBP and the book, its a great little gimmick!


p.maestro said...

everytime i see this in the store i think, "i haven't heard one bad thing about this game yet! i should really pick it up!"

everytime i see this in the store i think, "what? 59.99 for a used copy? maybe later..."

please tell me this will change...

Blake said...

You can get the game of the year edition. It includes all the extra costumes that are DLC for all of us.

Plus the Metal Gear Solid levels that you would also have to buy complete with costumes and level design and the all fun paint gun

Plus Extra level items to create your own level.

So its like your getting the game and all of the DLC for the price of the game.

Its a good deal.