Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SUPER Street Fighter 4

My first thoughts on this was just another way to Rip-OFF the consumer. I still believe it until I see the actually price.

But Capcom are releasing another Street Fighter 4 game with 8 new characters. Why not have it DLC? Well it was said that theres too much of a difference between what the new one has to offer and the old one that DLC wouldn't cut it. There are tweaks to the original combat and online play.

Really?! tweaks that warrant a new game?! Its all bullshit!! I'm sure there will be new modes and more extra costumes for you to buy. But Capcom assures the consumer that this game will not be full price like the first one and there will be a great surprised added in that the fans should like.

You want to know what surprise I would like? Make the game $20 bucks and I'll buy it. MAKE IT $19.99 and I will buy it. No, no,....don't try to sell me a $39.99 or $59.99 game. You can stick that up your ass, give it to me for 20 bucks!!

I think lately that gamers are just getting raped with all the DLC which normally would be a secret that one would unlock or already included has as a bonus. But lately they just charge for everything. As long has people continue to buy into all this crap, its not going to change.

Batman is still the shining gem in all this. A great introductory price and 2 DLC packages that are free. Don't just continue to rape the consumer, give back every once in a while. Show us gamers that you care, even if it is lies, its still nice to hear that we look pretty.

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Thanks to BeatFReaker for the heads up on this!