Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Namco Museum Essentials - PSN

I love the old retro games. I have all of the PS2 titles and I fear that I will have to get them all again when they re-release them for the PS3. So when they released the Namco Museum Essentials for the PSN. My first response was, I already have those games and to pay $9.99 for 5 old retro games and 1 remake. It didn't seem worth it.

But I did break down and buy the package. Was it worth it? I think so, there are things that I don't like about it and other things which I think are pretty innovative.

For $10 you are getting Pacman, DigDug, Galaga, Xevious, Dragon Spirit and Xevious Resurrection, which is the remake. This really doesn't seem worth the cash for just 5 really really old games. But its what they add with it that kinda makes up for it.

For each game they offer stamps that you can collect. To collect these stamps, you have to do odd things in a game that you wouldn't do otherwise. Like in DigDug there is a stamp that you get by clearing the entire screen of all the dirt or finish a level without digging. In Pacman you can get one by getting 1600x2. That's eating a dot and getting all 4 ghost then eating another dot and eating all 4 ghost again. Its pretty challenging, but adds another element of gameplay to a game that really has been played to hell. Its those little challenges that I really like.

It has trophies, which are little icons of the game. They look pretty neat, especially for me who is a big retro gamer.

For those of you who like HOME, (god forgive you) all these stamps that you get gives you prizes that you can decorate your home with. So if you are big into home, lots of goodies are to be had.

An online leader board. Its cool to see how well you do compared to others who also like retro games. Really all it does it show me that I really suck compared to others who play all these games. When I say suck I mean the top score for Pacman is 3 million and something points. Compared to my 28,000 points. So I guess there's a strategy for Pacman that I am not aware of because I die alot in the 6th-8th levels. So I didn't know you could get scores that high.

All the games play really like the old games, horrible controls that make you want to rip your hair out, but really keeps authenticity to the games.

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I couldn't play 2 player on Pacman or Digdug. So I don't know if a second person can join in and play, which sucks. I really like the going back and fourth between players. Not play an entire game then the other person plays, that just feels wrong.

But the overall look of the package is great. I really enjoy the style and feel for it. I would like for a retro theme be put out for the PS3. I would actually pay for a theme like that. There is a RETRO theme out already, but its not what it seems. Its just green pixel theme.

So overall, I really enjoyed what I got and am looking forward to completing the task.I hope they come out with more DLC, more games that I can add on later on. That would be great news for old retro gamers like me.

So if you are a fan of retro games but arn't up for all the add ons, then just stick with your old cart. I mean I am not getting the Marvel vs Capcom 2 re-release becase I already have it on PS2. But I also have these games too, but I enjoy the extra stuff. So, if you like all the extras, then you will be happy. If its just the game that interest you,then you won't be bothered by all the new goodies.


This shows a exactly the beggining. I wouldn't have choose the remake has my first game to play, but that's just me.