Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wallace & Gromit in Muzzled - PC

So recently I won a competition on a site called It was a fantastic prize from Tell Tale Games. I won the complete season of Tales of Monkey Island, 1 episode of Wallace and Gromit and has a bonus episode of my choosing. Because I was having trouble downloading the other free episode of my choice. Tell Tale gave me the entire first season of Sam and Max free. You can't ask for better service than that. Well Done Tell Tale Gamse and thanks Gamerdork for the awesome Prize!!

So I completed the episode of Wallace and Gromit ,"Muzzled". These are all point and click games where you can move the characters around and have an inventory that you can choose from to give items to people or objects. Its pretty simple concept.

I haven't played a point and click game in over 15 years. So this was a fresh of breath air in regards to gaming types. All the FPS and RTS and sidescrollers, this was a nice break. If you are a fan of Wallace and Gromit, then you are going to love this title. Its essential a episode of Wallace and Gromit where you get to control what happens. Everything is all highlighted and easy to find on the screen, so its not like your gonna miss something.

The cleverness comes in, what items does what on what and in what order do I do it in. This is very well done and because I haven't played these types of games in awhile I was stuck quite often. Mainly because I would look at a item once and then not go back to that item later on, because my thought process was, "I was already there". But you can't do this in these types of games, you have to continuously keep trying things when you are stuck.

The hardest part for me was trying to win the stupid tic tac toe game with the chicken. There's a game that ask, are you smarter than a chicken. So you have to beat it at Tic Tac Toe. So you have to collect bird seed which you then use on the chicken by placing it on a square that you want him to choose, (the wrong square). Otherwise he always win, because he always goes first.

What I was doing wrong was clicking on the birdseed and then on the chicken game. Where what you are suppose to do is start the game and then click on the birdseed and then on one of the Tic Tac Toe squares. I was ripping my hair out, looking up tic tac toe strategies online to see if there was a way to beat an opponent if the opponent always goes first. I'm an idiot.

I enjoyed the game, one because it was different than anything I've been playing recently and two, I am a fan of Wallace and Gromit, so poking around in their world was rather fun. I'd recommend this to any fan of the series and I look forward to trying to other titles.



Loner Gamer said...

An entire season of Sam & Max and the new Tales of Monkey Island? Wow, those are really fantastic prizes that you have won. Didn't know you play PC games as well, that's cool.

Blake said...

When there's a PC game worth playing. So far the only real thing that I am waiting for on the PC is starcraft 2 and Diablo 2