Wednesday, August 5, 2009

G Force My Ass!

Its a well known fact that movie title games, GENERALLY are shit. Rushed and sloppy games that are made to feed movie hype.

I will never play most of these games and I'm damn well sure NOT going to play this piece of hooker flesh!The movies that these games are based off are even worse. Now am I to say that these movies are not made for adults, they are made for kids. So of course you won't like it on the same level that a child would, so its not fair to make those claims.

But having a kid, one thing I realize. Kids like 99.9 % of anything that's geared towards them, Good or Bad. So just because something is made FOR kids, does that mean I should just mindlessly show it/get it for the kid because, "well, its for kids, only my kid will enjoy this". Fuck NO!
There are some really good quality kid movies and kid games that are so much better than the everyday "WHATS HOT NOW" shit that the majority of parents buy into. So like movie games, BAD movie games that are based off kids movies, kids will always be attracted to this shit! Its up to the parents to tell the difference between quality and this weeks quantity piece of shit that some studio is trying to make a dollar off your kid.

If I gave into all the kid movies and direct to DVD crap that is out there. I'm sure I would have that stupid Chihuahua movie, with the Paris Hilton feel. The thought of these movies makes me ill. You want a good animal talking movie, then watch Babe, or Charlotte's Web, was there any game made from those movies?! Fuck no!

Now, I can't say much about the game, only from what I've heard and read. The general census on these games are always the same, its not bad, its not good, its repetitive, kids will like it. This formula is the same for all these types of games and they rarely change that. Kids just don't seem to warrant the effort to make a good movie game (this goes for all the IRONMAN, GIJOE, TRANSFORMERS too). If you want your kid to have some quality games, do a little research, its not hard. Just don't be a lazy ass and buy your kid the latest attachment from this weeks movie.

Just look at all the platforms this was released for. Especially when publishers say that its too much trouble to make both a PS3 and an Xbox of the same game. But yet they can hit every system with this crap.


Loner Gamer said...

There was a Charlotte's Web game and the Nintendo DS version that was released in 2006 is still being sold at for $19.99 - quick before they run out! ;)

Parents should definitely make wise choices when it comes to buying games for their kids - but the best way to handle this is actually to just rent the title: a win-win situation for both the parents and the kids.

Most video game critics like to take the easy way out by making conclusions that kids may like a game that they don't like. Of course, no children were interviewed to justify their claim. Why not just review the game on its on merit - good or bad, fun or boring? Kids can decide on their own too and perhaps by making a bad decision by renting bad games that they originally wanted to play very badly, they'll learn to choose better games in the future.

Blake said...

Yeah, I don't agree with letting the kids choose and finding out for themselves if its a bad game.I rather help them make better choices by talking it through with them. To help them think more about the purchase and not just the impulse.

This only works for kids of a certain age though. Older kids I agree, let them make some choices and see what happens. While the younger kids like everything.

That's why "we" has parents have to help them to a certain point. What I do is actually talk with him about why some games are better than others and to make his own list of what he would like to have. Then go over that list with him.

Parents should be involved to the point that lets the kid make a genuine intelligent decision.

Although this has nothing to do with games made for kids, but more of kids wanting what they want.A horrible example I saw at the local game store where this 12 year old was begging his mom to buy Scar Face for him.
And this is the type of parent I am talking about. She had no clue about the game, she was asking her son, "you sure this is a good game for you?"

Which his response was,"YES MOM!! EVERYONE'S GETTING IT". I could tell she didn't know anything about this. I guess she didn't even hear of the movie, but that's a different story.

So I walked over and said,"Excuse me, but that game has a rating of M, see the big M on the game. That means its made for mature audience 17 and older. It has violence and sex in it"

She then shoots a cross look at the kid, which i got to admit was pretty funny to see his expression. He must have hated me at this point. She then says,"Well, your defiantly not getting this"

I told her to look at the ratings on the cases if you want to know if its for you kid, teen, general, etc.

This doesn't eliminate bad gaming, but it also shows that some parents don't know anything games, let alone good, bad and inappropriate. So they go with what they do know, Disney, Pixar.
Can't go wrong with good ole safe Disney content.

Loner Gamer said...

I agree with educating the kids and not allowing them to play games with inappropriate contents but I think there is nothing wrong with allowing them to pick a kiddie game that interest them the most... Unless of course one has played that game and know that say it has terrible controls that can even frustrate even the most patient adult lol.

Good to know that another mom is educated on the ESRB rating. The more they know, the more they stop criticizing mature content in games because it's something that can easily be controlled by them.

Jaison said...

I love that the Mom is asking the kid if the game is appropriate for him. It's like asking a kid what he should have for dinner or when his bedtime should be.

Blake said...

I agree, they were the perfect couple.