Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marvel Ulitmate Alliance - Colossus

There are a number of TANK characters to use, probable far better ones. But I like the underdog, the guy who's abilities are strange and unorthodox. So for the Tank of my team, I had Colossus. I was pretty excited that I they put him in the team, I either wanted him or Nightcrawler.

Powers to Use:

Soaring Strike. Its a great radial power that sends all the enemies skyward, great to break up the overwhelming odds sometimes. Put points into this one and avoid earth quake.

Thick Skin. A Boost that affects the whole team. It reduces the amount of damage one takes. It is only a small amount, but when it affects the whole team, its a great addition. Max out this one quickly for full effect.

Pulverizing Punch. Another great crowd control with a stun built in, great power for lost cost. A must have.

Powers for Backup:

Take Down. A decent single enemy take down, that deals a great deal of damage. But for the most part, you will be going against groups of badguys, so its ok to have every now and then. Get it if you want to see variety.

Powers that Suck:

Earthquake. A radial power which knocks them up in the air, but if you keep hitting the button, its hits again and again, at the cost of high focus points. There's just too much energy needed to use this efficiently. Soaring Strike is a way better option.

Intimidation. A power that makes the enemies run away, but it doesn't last long. They just run straight back at you in a few seconds. Why not using soaring strike to send them all into the air. You do damage and you knock them off their feet, its almost the same amount of time that they are out. Just don't even bother with this one.

Which Costume did I use? Well, I have to say that I like the classic costume the best, because that's the one I remember in comics when I read them. But its stats are the best.

So I stuck with the Astonishing. It raised my melee damage and power damage. So its a great combo.
Ultimate is a great costume to boost your melee skills, while Retro gives you the extra health needed to dish out the power moves. And sadly Classic is really only good to move him up levels faster with extra XP. The boost stats are OK, but meh!

And this is how I played Colossus, again, he was the muscle of my team. Great guy, he likes longs walks on the beach and a good woman.