Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beating Resistance 2 on SuperHuman

So after 6 months have passed, I've finally went back to resistance 2 to try and beat it on superhuman and get the hidden trophy. Why didn't I do this back when? Not because it was hard, but because I had already played through the game twice on normal and I was no mood to do all that again on difficult and again on superhuman.

Which I didn't like, in order to get to superhuman, I had to beat it on difficult. That's a pain in the ass. But enough time had passed that I didn't mind going through the game a 3rd and 4th time. Actually, by the time I made it through the 4th time, I flew through the game.

After beating Killzone 2 on Elite, Resistance 2 on Superhuman was a cakewalk. What really helps is that all the Chimeran now have the bullseye Mark 2. So yeah, it makes them more lethal, but it also means that you can mow them down just has fast by picking up one from dead guy.

Some tips on beating on Superhuman.

There really arn't that many.
Once you get your hands on Fareye (sniper rifle) Don't use it to kill regular enemies, hold on to it and use it to take down Augers and Ravengers. These types of enemies can be a pain in the ass and use up all your ammo with most guns. But a quick flip of the fareye to the head and its smooth sailing.

I really did, just keep a sniper rifle with me the most of the time when I could. That and an auger, and if I couldn't get my hands on that, than the readily available Bulleyes Mark 2.

If you are going through the game on superhuman, then you most likely know where every enemy is going to pop out and when. This is a big time saver. I just ran threw the levels and popped shot the baddies in the heads has I ran around corners. Getting the surprise on them was a big advantage. But once they see you, don't stay in the open.

Don't be Rambo. You CANNOT stand toe to toe with any enemy in the game. You get hit, you run for cover or duck. The game is not stupid hard, but it will punish you for trying to run and gun a group of enemies head on.

Don't be afraid to use your grenades on a group of enemies that are giving you trouble. You can always get more.

That's about it. After you beat the game, you get the Gold trophy which I must say, has a awesome name.


I don't get the BBQ part. O my god, what the fuck Barbecue, Why Barbecue? Anywho, I got it, its mine. Now all I have to do is get 10,000 kills online and I can get my Platinum. Yeah, right. I'm only at 1500 kills. I read the average length of time to do this is play 5 days straight online. Who has that amount of time??!!

Kids , that's who. Kids and people who no lives outside of gaming. I always wondered, where does the line of "no life" start. But that's a different post.


BeatFreaker said...

Yeah the days of doing nothing else but game are sadly to say over with. Now we have to squeeze it in where we can.