Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marvel Ulitmate Alliance - Spider-Woman

I like the odd characters that you rarely see thrown into the mix for theses games. I get tired seeing the same handful of heroes used over and over again. Its always, Wolverine, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, Daredevil, Storm. The same bunch of characters are used alot for the capcom fighting games, so its good to see lesser known characters.

This one, was one of my favourites to use. Always in my main roster.

Powers to Use:

Venom Blast. This is the main power that I used, its low cost and high damage plus the fact that you can charge it for double damage, makes this a MUST have power. It might be one of the first powers you have, but it does the job well.

Ensare. This is a great way to control large groups of enemies. It will hold the enemy so they can't attack and can't move for up to 18 secs plus dealing a fair amount of damage. A great way to slow things down when it gets hectic.

Metabolic Aura. Simple, she can heal herself and surrounding teammates. Sure its not much in the starting levels, but because you are going to ignore other powers of hers, then its pretty easy to put alot of points into this one and make it a great addition to her arsenal.

Powers for Backup:

Spider's Blood. Mainly good in tight spaces. This bouncing ball , well, it bounces off walls and around enemies with a 50% to stun enemies. Again, its only good it tight spaces, in open spaces, you are not getting your full potential. Stick with the other 3, go with this to see something new.

Powers that Suck:

Bio-Electric Surge. A group effect power. Simply put, it knocks back your enemies with low damage. Too much power for little effect and little assistants. Stay away.

Spider's Bite. 4 balls of energy that shoot out and move with Spider-woman has she moves. Its a useless range with low damage. Stay away.

Attract. Spider-woman is a ranged fighter, so having a ability to attract enemies and attack her is not a good idea, even with the 50% damage reduction. You may think that's good, but it only provides 50% damage reduction to one type of damage type that is being used. So you are fighting a group of enemies, one group is using energy attack, one is using elemental attacks and the 3rd are melees. The damage reduction will randomly choose 1 to be reduced by 50 %. This is not good, by any means.

All 3 of these suck , don't waste valuable points into them.

Which outfit should you use to compliment these power choices. The Classic outfit is the best choice. Because you are concentrating on using venom blast and ensnare has your main arsenal, then having the bio energy mastery ability is great to have. The resistance bonus is a nice little touch. It works well.

The Agent of Shield outfit, is a write off. She is not a melee fighter and this boost all melee skills, leave the punching to the tanks of the group.

The Secret Wars outfit is OK. It has one good ability of increasing max health and then a useless one with a 25% chance to increase your levels by 1. 1..really a whole 1 level. Its not even worth it.

The Spider-Girl outfit is OK to start with. It has the great Bio Energy Mastery skill and the increase XP skill. So its great to start with, but after awhile, its good to switch over to the classic.

So that's what I did with Spider-Woman, and it worked pretty well.