Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Turning Point : Fall of Liberty - PS3

I literally just finished this game 5 min ago. I should be going to bed, but I HAD to shit out this game while it was fresh in my mind. I did this to myself, so I probable deserve it. I was walking through Future shop and passed the bargain bin. Sitting right on the top of this bin was a bunch of games. I didn't pay much attention to them, but the $10 on a PS3 game caught my eye. I back stepped and looked at it. It was this God awful game for $10.

Yeah, I had read the reviews for this, but thought, it can't be has bad has the critic guys say it is. I mean its $10, it has to be worth a $10 game?!...right?

I said awhile back that the last game to make me sick was Goldeneye for the N64. Well yippee- -de-do-Daa, this game did the same thing to me. Its just the awful graphics and the quick moving around in tight quarters. Its horrible, I mean the graphics for medal of honor for the PC was better than this. It looks like shit. How they let the game go out the door like this is beyond me.

Theres' so much wrong with this game, lets just go through some fun spots, shall we!! (oh, before I forget, the game is about Germany invading America, a "WHAT IF" scenario.)

1) The Crouching Nazi's
You can shoot people, or you can do a quick kill on them. But God forbid you run out of bullets and the Nazi is in a crouched position. WHAT DO YOU DO????.I picture a conversation something like this.

American, " I have you NOW!! Nazi!!!"

Nazi,"Oh you think so, do you silly American!!"

America,"Wait!!!!..What are you doing.....???...oh can' diabolical BASTARD!!!!"

Nazi,"That's right.......I CROUCHED..... TO ONE KNEE!!!!!.MUAHAUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"


That's right, you can't hit a guy if he's crouching. There's been many a time where I ran into a room and the guy is crouching, and can't hit him. I have to wait till he stands for me to kill him. If he was smart, he just stay kneeling, .........but hes not. MIND BLOWING STUPIDITY!!!

2)Where do we Go Now Toto??
The game never gives a clear indication of where to go to next, no radar, no arrow, no THIS WAY. There were a good many times that I was just stuck in a room or outside, jumping and running and shooting the hell outta of everything. Only to find a girder or rope that you can use. Is this clearly highlited??...well of course it isn't.

You have to be standing right in front of it, to see that it starts to shimmer yellow. The problem is, this shimmer yellow is seen on other things aswell, things that are just part of the environment. So why the hell should I think that is any different??!!!

Anyway, if you get stuck, there's stupid girders and ropes to cross places.

3)The immovable Stuff.
The environment can be shot and fly around. Something that you think would move, don't and other things do. Its really just random what moves and what doesn't. I died countless times trying to back up, but getting stuck....I mean brought up solid, to a box. Don't ever try to run away with a box behind you. DO YOU KNOW THEY DON"T GIVE!!!!...There like cemented into the ground!!!

Other times I couldn't get to a lever because 2 chairs were stuck on each other and wouldn't move. I had to die and redo the whole thing again. Really???, its this what makes a good boss??...a pile of chairs to get across?!!!I'm baffled!!

4) Stuttering Stairs.
We all know what it is like to ride down a set of stairs on our bikes. Its a bunch of quick vibrating thumps. They arn't fun!! Well, when you go up or down stairs in this game, it is just like that. At first I thought it was just a glitch, but nope, he will jitter up and down any stairs you come in contact with. Is it that hard to program going up stairs???!!!!

I could go on, the animations are horrible, they all look like robots. The camera is jarring in places, enemies pop in and out of gameplay. There one min, then gone. I got shot by a guy who got stuck in a truck, so I didn't see who was killing me, till it was too late and I see the barrel of a bun protruding from the side of a truck.

There was a guy who was on the opposite side of a destroyed wall, with debris everywhere. He could shoot me, but I couldn't shoot him. No matter where I moved to get a different look to shoot at him, it didn't matter. My bullets weren't allowed to travel through that space. But his could.????Really??

This game was god awful, I couldn't...CAN'T believe how awful this game is. But there were 2 surprises that I was taken back by. The first one, you go and kill the American President. WTF!!!?? Can you put that in a game??!!Apparently you CAN!!!!.....Then ,if that wasn't surprisingly enough, I guess they weren't happy with just shooting the president, they asked,"Can we blow up the White House TOO!??" SURE!!! says the game developer. Doing those 2 things were the most fun I had in the game.

This was a horrible game, I 'm glad it was short. It had mulitplayer, but I didn't even want to try it. I turned it off, deleted all saved content from my PS3 and stuck it on my shelf. Is it worth $10 ? it worth free. Its worth free, only because you can shoot the president and blow up the whitehouse, that's it. I wonder if that's gonna flag my blog to the FBI now that I have those words in my blog?

Anywho, This game is 0/10

The Idea of the game is great, What if the Germans invade America, But that's has far has the greatness goes for this game. Even the trailer is pretty shoddy.


Loner Gamer said...

Sounds like the game is total rubbish. Sometimes when the price is so cheap, it becomes very easy to justify the purchase of a game that you know deep in your heart and soul you normally would never buy. Sorry to hear about the horrible experience with that game. Did you throw up this time? :)

It could be worse though. I mean, I know someone who actually bought this game just so that he could whore up some achievement points on the X-Box 360. Buying bad games just for achievements is just... pathetic.

Blake said...

Yeah, I have yet to buy a game just for the achievement or Trophies alone.

It is said that you can see a trophy whore, but the Hannah Montana Trophies in their list.

Loner Gamer said...

Hannah Montana Trophies ROFL! Such a shame.

I notice that when the prices of games are low, all of a sudden you can see a list of 4-5 really bad (or easy achievement/trophy) games suddenly pop up on their game list. It's fun to watch as sad as it may be.

rowen26 said...

Hahaha!! At first before I read the title I thought you were reviewing Damnation, another alternate history game that's supposed to be a crapfest.

Blake said...

WHAT!!!Does that mean you arn't interested in a FREE..FREE gamee?!!