Friday, June 12, 2009

Pacroids 2nd Game Giveaway!!

All Right, I've done it before and here it is again. ANOTHER GAME GIVEAWAY. Now if my wonderful review below doesn't make you want this game, then I don't know what will. But lets see if I can try.

Is this game Good enough if its Free?..........Yes, for 2 reasons only. You get to shoot the president and blow up the Whitehouse. For those 2 reason alone, is enough to have a free game.

Often I am wrong in the score that I give. Or is wrong the right word? I don't agree with the general population about how good or how bad a game is. I gave this game a 0/10. Here are some scores that popular game sites gave this game.

IGN- 5/10, "There is fun to be had with the game, but it's not the grand adventure it claims to be."

Gamespot- 4.5/10, "This alternate-history shooter is proof that an interesting premise can't compensate for boring and broken gameplay." C+ ."The game takes players to never-before seen WWII battlegrounds where famous real-world locations and national icons appear frighteningly different under Nazi occupation."

Gamesradar- 5/10,"You'll love
  • Interesting premise
  • Killing the president
  • Kicking a Nazi into the oven"
So there you go, Scores for a game that "I, ME" thought was shit. But the critics thought were OK.
So here is your chance to own Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. All you have to do, is post on this particular article on the blog. Like last time, If more than one person post, I will draw your name outta the hat and mail you this wonderful half decent game(according to game sites)

I'll give the post a couple of weeks before I draw the name.

Good Luck.


p.maestro said...

kicking a nazi into an oven eh? how ironic. sign me up!

Loner Gamer said...

Free game? Where? Where??? O.O LOL.

Nice giveaway :P I want to get sick too ya know!

El Gran Don Cocor said...

yeah. nazy, oven, white house and explosions. I am in.

Ryan said...

LoL. Well sure why not. Add me to the draw. It can be another mediocre game to add to my collection of games.

Anonymous said...

I loved the demo one of the most underrated games, please sign me up if its not to late!!!

Rob said...

Is it too late to enter?