Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures - XBox 360

So this was the last Lego game that was on my list to play. Really, I wouldn't have bought this game at all. But it came with the Xbox Christmas bundle, so what hell, I had it, I might has well play it.

Like all Lego titles, its fun to go around and smash stuff and build things. The Lego games are great for kids and non-gamers. You can't die (well you can, if your an idiot) there easy to learn and most of all, Fun!!

I really enjoyed the Starwars and Batman Lego games. I really have no complaint about the gameplay of this particular title. Its the content that does it for me. I'm just not a fan of Indiana Jones. Yes, I enjoyed the movies, great classics, but in video game form, not so much.

And a big draw of the games for me, are all the characters that you can play has. Starwars had a ton of awesome classic characters that you could play and one could recognize them all. Same goes for batman, all his sidekicks, and his great roster of villains. Then they filled it out with goons, but goons that had the classic Joker goon paint, or the penguin goons, or two face goons. They all looked like they should. It was a great selection and of course, each had its advantages.

The Indiana Jones selection is the worst one of the bunch. There is only a handful of classic characters from the series and even the ones we do know are pretty lame. The majority of the characters are just solders and native tribesmen or sailors. Just your typical goon, nothing spectacular about them. I mean for gods sake, there are characters in suits running around and punching shit.

When was the last time you thought, "This guy in the blue suit is so cool, look how he jumps and punches!!" ITS LAME. Its downright pathetic the selection of characters are. Even Indiana's different variations of him with his jacket off, or on, or in a goons costume, but with a whip, its just sadness. Unfortunately this is big part of the game for me.

The other thing, is the collection of Lego items that you get. In Starwars it was all the vehicles, and the same went for batman. Cool stuff that we all recognized. Indiana was artifacts, some are well know, others just some random piece of treasure.

So the replay value of going back and finding these, (for me) didn't interest me at all. Unlike the last two Lego games that I played until I got 100% complete. After one playthrough, I had my fill.

Don't get me wrong, it is a Lego game and has all the cool gameplay that one would expect from the series. It even has cool extras that involve Starwars characters that you can find. But for me, the biggest setback of this game, was its setting. I just don't find the Indiana universe that interesting, let alone have it converted to Lego gameplay. Its like making The Scarlet Letter Lego Game, what kind of scenarios and characters can one make from this?!!!

I heard that the next Lego game was( not including the guitar hero Lego) was going to be pirates. Not pirates of the Caribbean, just a Lego game based off pirates. This again, doesn't interest me, I could care less for this. But I guess actually people who buy those $200 pirate Lego sets would love this, I guess that's the people they are going after.

I would like one based of any superhero content, the x-men, back to the future, Startrek, the terminator series, transformers even. That be cool, giving all those little Lego men 2 modes. Anyway, maybe another superhero one may happen, but I doubt the rest well.

Its Lego fun, I just don't like the wrapping.

The Lego videos are always fun to watch. They do a great job legoing it up!


rowen26 said...

I saw some rumour for a Harry Potter Lego coming up next.

Loner Gamer said...

I really like Lego Batman but I still haven't gotten a chance to play this one yet. I may reach my "Lego X" saturation point after Indiana Jones unless they really do a lot more with the gameplay.

Blake said...

Harry Potter, eh? That does sound interesting.

Yeah, they change each title a little. Not much. Like I said back on the Lego batman review, You know what you are getting with Lego games.