Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Castlevania. Dawn of Sorrow - Nintendo DS

Will I guess I should have known from the title what to expect from the game, SORROW!!
This is the first Castlevania I played since Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest. Did I miss something from then till now. Didn't I hear everyone ranting about how good all the Castlevania games were?! Did I just happen to play the only crappy one outta a ton of great Castlevania games??!! I Don't know, am I out of touch with the Castlevania games now and this is what they are suppose to be like??! I don't know. Well enough of this pointless go nowhere banter, lets see what I didn't and did like about the game.

What I liked.
1)The name, "Castlevania."

What I didn't like.
1)The rest of the name, "Dawn of Sorrow." What the hell does that even mean.

2)I HATE, DETEST ANIME, the style of this entire friggin game is ANIME, little tiny mouths, Giant/slanted eyes,big giant spiky hair, Story lines that make no sense, symbolism that, the only way one would be able to understand it, is if they were fried outta their trees. And the biggest complaint of all Anime are the characters, is it a boy??!! or is it a girl??! Doesn't matter, cause they all suck ASSS!!!!

At first I didn't mind what I was doing, running around and hitting this with that and killing this and that thing. Until I found out that I could collect enemy powers and use them myself. These powers allowed access to secret areas and areas that you NEEDED to go. So if you didn't have the proper soul equipped you ain't getting through. Not only that, how the hell were you suppose to know what soul did what.

This is mind blowing , I'm standing in front of spikes, I know I have to get across to the other side, But can't. If I jump on them I die. So I equip each soul I have and try all kinds of different things to do. There are alot of souls to get, 99 in all. And getting certain souls are harder to get than others, just because they don't appear all the time, they are RARE souls. Bullshit, it just means leaving the room and re-entering 248 times until finally the enemy gives you the soul that you need to get the next area. That would be fine, but it doesn't tell you what soul you need.

And if it does, where do I find it, where is the enemy on the map, you mean if I don't remember I have to explore the entire friggen map again, looking in each room trying to find a enemy that will give me a specific soul, but how do I know what enemy, YOU DON"T, just kill everything you come arcoss until it gives you the soul that you don't know if you need or not. But knowing that the enemy may or may not give you what you need......what???

You get news papers that give you hints. REALLY!!...... well lets look at this great hint. "Its in the sky, way up". Whats in the sky, what are you referring too, Where is this way up bit you are talking about. There's something way up in the sky?? your saying there's something way up in the sky??!!.......of course there is you frikken idiot. How the hell does that help me do anything.

Another one is"Its seems to be attracted to light". What's attracted to light? Who, WHAT , WHEN and WHERE. These hints are useless. The only way I found anything in this game was by going through a walkthrough. I got stuck countless times. And not the fun, entertaining, what do I do next, let me try some things. Remember the old NES games where you really didn't know what to do. You've been back and fourth through the same 6 rooms again and again and you can't see anything that could lead the way. THE WHOLE FUCKING GAME IS LIKE THIS. I understand that a part , maybe two could be thrown in, but the whole game.

It was not fun, running through the same levels again and again trying things that wouldn't make any sense at all. ITS just like the Simon's Quest game. Where you had to go to a certain area, equip the red orb and squat down for 10 secs to be taken to the next area. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT!!!!!! Well, this whole game is like that. Just made up random shit.

It doesn't help that the BG elements look like the foreground elements. I can't tell if the chair in the room is something that I am suppose to use or if its just piece of the random BG. So I miss alot of things like that because I just thought it was some random shit piece in a level. But no, that's a area where I have to poop while standing on my head and singing Yanke-Doodle.

I hated this game. This game took took me way too long to finish, why?? I didn"t like it and didn't want to play it. Its the first DS game that I had to look up a walkthrough to get through it. It really felt like work to finish this crap. I really hope that the other games ain't like this one and this was just some random anime shit game that Konami shit out.

I haven't really disliked a game in a while. This one takes the cake for me. For all those who do like it, I guess I am out of touch with what makes a good game, or your all friggen bonkers.


Yes the gameplay is that exciting. Now imagine doing that and not knowing what you are looking for. OMG, I just went looking for reviews of this game. IGN says," The final product is what is clearly one of the best Castlevania games in the series, and an absolutely top-notch, beautiful, and most importantly, fun DS game" Well that settles it. If this is the best in the series so far, then I guess I just play ball and cup from now on.


Loner Gamer said...

LOL. That was an entertaining read. Sorry to hear about the frustrations, it does sound like you really despise the game. If Simon's Quest was the last Castlevania you played, that would explain your utter shock to the new direction of the Castlevania series. Ever since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the PSONE, Konami has infused some Metroid+RPG elements to the series. I bet your site-partner Josh probably likes these newer Castlevania games. I personally like it myself but I also miss the more straight forward adventures of Castlevania past.

"is it a boy??!! or is it a girl??! ROFL!

Blake said...

wow, that was fast. I literally made a update has your post came in.

yeah, I don't get it. perhaps I should go back from where I left off and start from there and work towards what they have now. Then I could get a clear sense of the development of a great series.

Loner Gamer said...

This game did get a lot of positive media attention when it came out. To me, the recent gameplay changes felt necessary because things were beginning to get a bit stale. They could have given the series a more action-oriented focus instead of going this RPG route. If you are going to go back to try out the other games in the series, I look forward to your impressions of those games! ^.^

Josh Rodgers said...

I really liked Castlevania SotN. It was fantastic and I played through it again last year. However having said that there were a lot of strange things like "where am I supposed to go" but it was the exploration that made it fun.

I had one look at that finished map on Dawn of Sorrow and thought "fuck that!" That's way too big for my small brain (even though I'm currently playing fallout 3.) Maybe I'll get brave when I have more free time and try it out.

I haven't played through any of the DS versions of the game but Nikki has and has enjoyed them. She agrees with a lot of your points too. She thought the soul stealing thing was very tedious, and some of the hints where pointless.

And yeah the style of the game sucks. The enemies look great but the people look like a really, really gay David Bowie.

ah wells

Sam Spina said...

The castlevania games are my favorite series on the ds. cool blog dude

Blake said...

oh, I plan on trying the others. I refuse to believe that I can hate them all, it just doesn't make sense to me. Its like hating ponies and one hates ponies and babies...or do they?!!!

Anonymous said...

As a long time castlevania fan I agree mostly with what you are saying even though I did enjoy dawn of sorrow but not as much as previous entry's. I highly reccomend you checking out Symphony of the Night and it's prequal Dracula X Rondo of Blood. Here is a compiled download of Rondo of Blood enjoy. x rondo of blood pal wad&file=1472695&desc=Demon+Castle+Dracula+X+-+Rondo+of+Blood+v1.11++Win32++.exe

pokedigi said...