Friday, May 8, 2009

BurgerTime - Any and All Systems

I'd figure I do a theme for the next couple of post. Games about Food, for now, it will be only the ones that I played. I really don't know how many food games are out there, but I remember playing a hand full of them

For the first one, and I have to go with my favorite one, is Burger Time. The first time I played this game was at the local arcade. In my case the local arcade was also the local convenient store. you could go in the back and play games while they sold, Bologna and booze up front, It was a great time.

It captured what we all loved about the early video games, with Donkey Kong climbing platforms and Pac-man with running from Goons.

I guess I should give a little blurb about it, but if you are on this site, reading about video games and never heard of or seen Burger Time, then please leave now and return to twittering or facebooking or whatever else people do with all the time in the world on their hands.

The game was pretty simple, you were a chef who was chased by evil foods I guess, (why these food people didn't want the chief to make hamburgers just baffles me, I mean if they were ingredients to the burger and they were fighting for their lives not to be chopped up and put on a burger, then I would understand. But the villains was an egg, sausage and a pickle, the pickle I understand, but an egg and a sausage.Then wouldn't it be a hotdog and a western sandwich.

I guess the game being called, Hotdog Time or Western Sandwich Time just doesn't have the same ring to it. But who am I to questions these ...things reasoning. Anywho, you have several levels and each plateform has a part of the burger, and when you run across said ingredient, it falls to the bottom. So when the burger is finally all put together you have the great knowledge that all the ingredients were just stamped by some chefs feet into a delicious burger. MMMMMM Foot Stamping Goodness.

You could stop the VILLAINS(look out!, that wiener is high in salt!!!) crushing them between the falling ingredients or by shaking salt on them. Isn't a pickle just a really salty cucumber??..why would he be afraid of salt?...again, don't question these thing, it only makes the brain hurt more.

This game came out on almost all the systems, so it was easy to get. I don't think I ever rolled the game or if there was an ending to it. But I like to get my hands on it again and give it a try and see how far I can take it. It was a fun little game for its time. But thinking about it now, all I can think of is flat salty burgers. That doesn't sound appetizing at all.

Fantastic Animated Commercial. Makes me all gooey inside.


Loner Gamer said...

LOL, ya it was a fun game but I can't really recall where I played it. I do remember enjoying it though.