Wednesday, April 22, 2009

007 GoldenEye - Nintendo 64

Every system has a game or in some cases, "a few" game titles that defined the system. For the Nintendo 64 007,Goldeneye, was that game for me. I think it was the first true FPS that defined how all other FPS were to be handled. Although I was alot older when the Nintendo 64 game out, it was playing GoldenEye that really made me react the same way a 8 year old Darryl would react to seeing Mario on the NES for the first time. It was amazing.

I think the thing I remember the most about GoldenEye was the snow sniper level. Walking around and avoiding the enemies and watching the death animations when you blow the top of their heads off, that never got old. It really eased you into a genre that most gamers never experienced before on a console. Sure there were other games out their that sorta were FPS, but not like this.

It was one of the few games that was fun to wield the P38 and blow the shit outta bad guys. Carrying 2 weapons at once was awesome and upgrading to the golden guns was awesome. Those guns kill everything. But getting those guns was an intense experience. When you think back on games like this, its 1 or 2 experiences that one remembers. For me it was , what I already mentioned above , the snow sniper level. The part with the crazy boss bitch who ran across the bridge in the jungle level. God!! she was hard to kill.

And Congratulation's, GoldenEye was the first, (yes, I said first, this wasn't the last time this happened to me) game to make me throw up. Playing a FPS of this quality for the first time and for long periods at a time really did a number on my brain. I remember sitting there, but I don't remember at what part, next thing I know a little burp turns into a dash to the toilet.

I turned the game off after that and didn't touch it for a few days. I think it was all the quick turns and dashes and in tight quarter's.

Needless to say, GoldenEye is a game that really defined a system and the game franchise was really never able to recreate that wow factor again with any of their other trys. GoldenEye was a great time on a system that I think was very short lived. I think the PS1 killed it, I'm not too sure on the history there.

Frikken Vomit inducing awesomeness!!!

The Intro, which I really don't remember untill watching this, god the people were really blocky.


Loner Gamer said...

LOL. It's so good that you threw up? First person shooters do give me terrible motion sickness but recent ones are a bit more tolerable because of the more consistent frame rate. I think it's time they stop making FPS... I mean it's more awesome to see your cool character walking about than to explore the game world inside a floating head - it just doesn't work that well for me.

Blake said...

yeah, I'm happier either way.