Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KillZone2 - SinglePlayer - PS3

So I finally got Killzone 2, which when I first heard about it, I was not interested. But then the reviews that were coming out for it was raving about the game, saying it to be one of the best in the top 5 best shooters of all time, etc. So I figured I give it a try.

So far, I am still doing the single player missions. I finished the game on veteran and am playing through a second time on Elite. Yes, to get the trophy, but also, its really fun. This is not a game that you can run and gun your way through. You have to pick a spot and take out your targets and move ahead, gaining a little ground at a time. It is one of the more realistic shooters I've ever played, even though its on a different planet, Helghast.

Each time you play through, there are quite a few ways to handle the situation. If you die one way, don't just keep rushing in the same way, take a different route, set up behind a wall, etc. There are enviromental items that can assist you in killing the Helghast, such has explosive everything. If a guy has set up behind a concrete pillar, just keep shooting the pillar until he has no cover, boxes are handle the same way.

The AI is some of the smartest I've ever seen as well. Almost has if you were playing against really people. If a guy is hidden behind a box and sticks his head up and you shoot his helmet off, he won't just keep sticking his head up in the same spot, he will move around, sticking his head out from the side, moving down a bit. They are really frikken smart. They will tuck their legs in from a firing spot, its really well done.

The animations of the guys getting killed and the blood splatter is awesome, again, some of the best I've seen in any game. The physics in the game is really well done, from grenades, the bolt gun, pinning people to walls with a giant bolt gun is friggin awesome!! Each weapons handles different, its just not a faster or more powerful version of the last gun. Keeping your buddies alive really help you along, but I've found in some situations you can sit back and they will clear out a room, and other times, I've seen ever one of them die and then all the Helghast focus their attention on me, That usually ends in death. So keep your guys alive, it really helps.

Things that pop up in a game that are irritating from time to time. The cover system is much like gears of war, the only thing is, you can't see, if you are covered completely like you can in the over the shoulder view you get in Gears. So if I take refuge against a wall, and I think I am covered, but part of me may be sticking out and I won't know it untill I see blood splats appear(That's me getting hit)

The other thing, is the friendly AI. The enemy AI is spot on. But there were a couple of times that my guys were just plain morons. I've died a few times because your buddies get in the way, or I've watched them die because they didn't move outta the way of gun fire. One instance I was running down the stairs and one guys shouts, "Here comes a Heavy(This is not a good thing) Take COVER!!" But my guys are all on the stairs and its was like they went into panic mode and just did circles on the stairs, so I couldn't move and we all ended up dead. This happened a few times and all at pivotal points in the game. Its like a boss appear and they all shit their pants briefly, but long enough for everyone to get screwed.

Overall, this is really great game. The single player was a little short, I think I did it in 9 hrs, not sure, but much longer than COD4. I didn't feel ripped off when I finished the end of Killzone2 like I did on COD4. so for single player I have to give this a 10/10

When I stop trophy hunting in single player I will start multiplayer and do a little chat about that. But if you own a PS3 and like FPS, then this is a must have for everyone. And if you like, hit me up for a little online gaming. My call sign is Victory_Class. That is of course when I start Mulitplayer for KZ2.