Saturday, March 28, 2009

Getting Past Visari Palace on Elite - KillZone 2

So I just went and beat KillZone 2 on elite, and boy was that one of the hardest things I ever done in a long while. It reminded me of the old days of playing NES games. When you die and you try again and again and after each time you get a little tiny bit further each time. I went online to look up some strategies for getting past the last part of the game, the Visari Palace part to be specific.

What I hate about online help is that alot of it is very vague. For example, "I beat elite, it was hard, but just keep moving and knifing people and eventually you will do it" Well WOOP DE FUCKIN DOO, thats alot of help to me. Move and Knife people, really?...I was just planning to stand in one spot and punch them if they came to close.

So after no help from the Internet it was all trail and error and trying to find out what worked and what didn't. In the process of doing this, my death count was 474 times. Really theres No one sure way of beating this part. There is a way that will work, but half is luck, (head shot here, lucky stab there) and the other half is being in the right spot at the right time.

So this is my attempt to help those looking for a detailed way to make it through on elite with minimum deaths.

Overall Tips for Elite.

1)Use cover ALWAYS. Do not run and gun anything. You can take 1 straight hit from an enemy, if anything even grazes you after that, your dead.

2)Don't take grenades lightly, you hear that drop and ticking time bomb land next to you, run. Grenades are 100% effective with their blast radius.

3)Do not run past enemies to get to a save point. If you do this and die, when you respawn, you respawn behind enemy lines. I did this and had to restart the level.

4)Don't get caught with 2 bullets in the clip, reload, reload, reload. If you are in the middle of a fire fight, its faster to switch to the hand gun or knife and run ahead to finish the job.

Those are some tips that may or may not help. From here on, is a map, of what I did and what order to do it in. I started half way through the level because it would be unfair for me to give a description of how I did it, because it was pure luck. I ran, shot a couple guys, ducked, dodge, return fire and waited for my squad to catch up with me. But it was luck, I tried the same thing before and it always didn't work, I was just frustrated and said fuck it and threw grenades and fired head shots has I ran. A couple of them hit and boom, I made it.

But compare to what came after that part, the previous bit was a cake walk. IT was here that I died and died and died until I found something that worked rather well.

1. Go inside one of the bunkers and get the grenade gun and hide behind the sand bags and take out the ATAC from their. Its usually between 4-6 hits. Its one of the easiest parts of this madness.

2. Then grab one of the main rifles that will be lieing around on the ground. The ones with the green sighting. Move the the left pillar and head shot the guy behind the first turret.

3. Then run to the right pillar and head the second guy behind the turret.

(once these guys are dead, no one else will respawn to take their place.

4. Keep the same rifle and head up to the foot of the stairs behind the sandbag, and grenade the areas where their are guys. Theres usually one behind the box on the top of the stairs and one down at the foot of the stairs. I usually throw one in the entrance way as well for good measure.

After you throw the grenades, run up and hit them to finish them off while they are stunned, if you grenade didn't kill them.

5. Throw a grenade through the walk way, so no one will bother you while you head shot the next 2 guys on the turrets with the rifle.

6. By this time, your guys should be all up their with you, if not, throw a grenade in the area through the walk way to finish off the last enemy. Don't worry about grenades, theres more lieing around up ahead.

Once your guys are shoulder to shoulder with you, throw out a couple grenades in area (7) the way that you will want to go to next. You will want to take cover behind a large metal wall here. So right after the grenades go off, run to the area and club the guys if they are stunned.

7. Here is the part that is tricky and alot of luck needed. Throw out all your grenades, one if front of you, one up buy the upper right most turret and one near the entrance. Don't wait for the last one to land, after you throw it, run for the door. Don't shoot anything, just run for the entrance.

I literally was shot on my way through the entrance door and just has the death animation was playing and all was turning to grey I fell through the door and the next cut scene played. IT was stupid hard.

Mean while doing all this, watch for grenades, do alot of peek a boo tactics. And move the minute you are getting hit. Don't think I can take him befor I get killed, they most always win.

well, I hope that helps some people, that part was insane for me, super hard. I would have done one for Radec aswell, but that next part was so random that everything I tried, either worked sometimes and didn't others.

Like I said, luck was a big factor,but keeping Rico alive does help distract the bad guys from you. So don't just let him be dead. you will just die faster that way has well. And one person said to kill Radec just knife him, DON"T DO THAT. unless you are a knife god. More times that any, you think things will be going right and they he gets that one knife of his own past your defenses and you have to start all over again.

I just used the bazooka to start, then switched to my rifle for the rest. sorry I can't be more help than that for inside the palace. But at least getting their should be a little easier.