Friday, March 20, 2009

Chuck Rock - SNES

I don't know why I was excited about this game when it first came out. Maybe the graphics, maybe because I like games with dinosaurs in them and it was cartoony with fart noises. I don't really know. But I was happy to get this game non the less.

There is nothing special about the game ingeneral, its your typical side scroller, you being a cave man who could jump kick and hit things with your belly and of course, Chuck Rocks at things, or use them has steps.

This is one of those games that you couldn't just play and be good at games. You had to play, screw up and learn from your mistakes. What I mean by this is, its like Battle Toads bike run, you had to know what was coming out next in order to survive. If not, things would just fly out of nowhere too fast and doesn't give you time to react. Alot of the times I found my self jumping and kicking way before the enemy would come out on screen, just because if I walked into the part where the enemy was, he would just hit you.

So, with some trial and error, I got through the first level. It was the end of the second level where you fight a underwater seamonster that I died constantly. And once you lose your 3 lives, you started all over again. Which I did, but every time I got to the boss, I couldn't tell if I was hitting him, I move towards him and kick and he shoot bubbles at me and I would die.

Its one of those things, that makes you wonder, am I doing something wrong. So I tried this again and again, moving around to different areas of the boss, until finally I gave up and put the game up for over a year. For a year, this game sat on my shelf with me mind boggeled on how to beat that stupid level 2 boss.

Unlike today where internet gives you all the answers, I finally got my answer from the Nintendo power up magazine. Float by his head, not too close and not too far away and kick like a sun uf a bitch.

So off I went so excited that I knew how to kill him. But really you need full life, cause any hits with the bubbles kill you. Anyway, I finally killed that stupid bitch, and once he was dead, the rest of the game was simple. I finished it that same day. A game that sat there on my shelf for over a year was finally done.

It wasn't spectacular and had a major flaw with the 2nd level boss. I just couldn't tell if I was hitting him. But when you hit him in the right spot, it was all good. It was too stupid to be fun at that point.

Overall, I did enjoy playing the rest of the game, nothing fancy, just a game.
There wasn't many good videos of this game. But its a little sample of what its like.


Loner Gamer said...

I always wanted to play this game back in the days but it's one of those games that I didn't get to buy. I am waiting for it to be released on the Wii's Virtual Console.