Monday, March 16, 2009

Bronze MY ASS!!! - SF4 - MK vs DC

Are they making games harder on purpose or am I just getting older and can't keep up with whats expected in a game. Personally I think I grew up in a time where a game was relentless, there were no save points, you only had 3 lives and maybe if you were lucky, you got 3 continues, but had to start the entire level all over again, And I finished a shit load of those fucked up no live, no continue, start all over again,Games!!

My Gripe is with Mortal Kombat VS DC and Street Fighter 4. The main thing, are trophies, but to be specific, combo challenges. With earlier versions of both these games I could pull off combo challenges with some, SOME effort. It wasn't insane hard, and it wasn't a cake walk, but offered enough challenge that one could feel that ,"wow, I did it, that was kinda hard!"

But these new versions, holy fuckin cow!! you have to be an idiot savant, a total Street fighter and MK freak! to pull combos off. I've been tryin to both the challenges, using You tube videos and Written FAQ's for both games. They don't help, Reason?!...faster......FASTER.....FASTER.......FASTER....FASTER............FASTER

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both these games and are great with friends and have no problem pullin off supermoves , etc. But stick me on those frikken combo challenges and its not, just input button commands and have it work, its now all about super tight timing.

Here is an example, "Jump forward, kick (when do I kick, at the bottom of the jump, at the height of the jump, can I spam the kick?) Strong punch (Do I hit strong punch right away, should I wait to land before I strike?)pause forward forward kick,( right away?, a little later, wait untill I see the strong punch just about to connect with face, then?!) THIS IS STUPID!!!!
AND THATS ONE OF THE EASIER ONES. When I do connect, its usually by freak accident.

These things arn't fun, although if you have a buddy, they are kinda of fun for a bit, until the both of you are sat their and still trying to pull off the same combo for the past 20 min. My friend Matt has a hole worn in his thumb trying to Hadokens, It won't be long now, till his thumb is down to his bone with his "pounds per square inch" moves.

All these combo challenges should be listed has silvers in the trophy's list, but nope, they are bronze, FUCK THAT, bronze...Do you know what a bronze is. GTA4, I started the game, I got a bronze trophy!!! Genesis collection, I spoke with another Dolphin in Ecco to get a Bronze Trophy, Little Big Planet, I stuck a sticker on someones head and got a Bronze Trophy. See a pattern here?!!!! That's right you stupid fucking morons!!!

If all those challenges were listed has silver trophies, then I wouldn't be complaining right now, .....well maybe...but at least it would make sense. When you see all those bronze (EASY) trophies and know that you won't be able to get them no matter how deep the hole in your thumb gets, its infuriating!!!

Its like they are making these challenges all for hardcore gamers and saying FU to everyone else. Well suck my monkey balls and shove your BRONZE trophy's up your asss...yeah, right Bronze!!!??Psshhhh!!!

Here are some stupid videos of people trying to help, I get a kick outta the ones who post them doing the move, but still doesn't show me how its done, "WOW, great arsehole, you can do the move and I seen it happen, I still don't know how the hell or when the hell you pressed certain buttons"!! dickhead!!