Friday, March 13, 2009

Earthworm Jim - Super Nintendo

What a Fantastic! game. There was nothing that I can think of that made this game bad in anyway. Even by today's standards, its still a kick ass game. Every level was different, every enemy had to be handled differently, there were bosses at the end of each world, its was great to look at, and Jim did a ton of different things. He wasn't the standard, jump and shoot. If you left him to his own devices, he would do little idle animations, of shooting himself in the face, or skip rope, etc.

My biggest memory in this game was the lens flare in the first level. Just like in the starwars games that gave me a lightsaber to turn off and on and Wolverines Claws to extract, earthworm Jim had a lens flare. It was awesome to walk back and fourth and see this lens flare track along with you has you moved. It really made you feel like it was full on 3-d when most games at the time were all 2-D side scrollers.

Each level was a masterpiece, you go into school the next day and tell your buddies, I got past level 3 and in the next level I had to ride a hamster and this new thing happened where I got pulled outta my body and I was a worm hopping to get back to my suit, it was Raaad, (That was the cool word back then, so it only seem appreciate to use it now, Its still Rad!!)

It was like they took all the goodness from other games and piled it all into this game. It was kick ass fun like BattleToads, but without the insane hardness. It was great getting to the next level and waiting in anticipation of what the heck are they going to pull off now. Riding rockets, getting chased by a mutant dog, saving puppies, whipping crows, launching cows.

And the Music, who could forget that!?the level 2 that had the Classical music with the cat boss battle to the quirky little sounds that made the game. Jims voice over of , "GROOOVY!". There was never any sense of receptiveness, everything seemed new and fresh, even it was just level 2.

Fantastic game, that everyone, non gamers and gamers should play. Its definitely in the top 10 games of all time for me for sure.


The cartoon was even kinda funny, but had that "horrible crappy we don't care about this anymore, so take this amount of money and make something move on screen" Look. I liked the opening sequence for it. AND HAHAHAHAHA, what a laugh of people making the cartoon!!! Each drawing is photographed in, that's right!! Polaroids!!!. All is missing are the Asians who work for rice and goat milk overseas. This video leads me to believe that the chick with frizzy hair animates the whole damn thing herself. By looking at the quality of the show, perhaps she did.
Anyway, EnJOY!!!