Saturday, January 3, 2009

Left 4 Dead- xbox360

What's better then surviving the zombie apocalypse? Surviving it with 4 people! This game somewhat forces you to play with friends (it's way funner with friends) but if you don't have any- don't worry. The AI in this game in bang on! Some of the best AI I have seen in a game! Although sometimes they do wander into your path of fire (but who doesn't?)

There's about 4 different scenarios that take a little over an hour to complete each. Yes the game is short but you'll find yourself replaying it over and over. There's no real story either. The whole thing is just to survive and work as a team.

I would've liked to see more weapons (flamethrower, knife/sword, shovel) or some unlockables (The download content has me curious) and a few more scenerios would be great (again waiting for download content) but these are minor complaints to such a fun game.

I've been playing this one a lot with my girlfriend who is not a fan of first person shooters. She grasped the controls pretty quickly and plays with wide eyes, jumping at every zombie attack calling them "bitches" and "whores."

My favorite thing to do is try to find the "witch" (the strongest zombie in the game that sits crying waiting to be disturbed by some jerk like me) wake her up and run past my girlfriend trying to scare her. It doesn't usually work however it's very fun.

I also have a bad habit of lighting people, including myself, on fire.



Blake said...

PS3?, In your title you say xbox and ps3. Is this true, cause I would love to get this for the ps3, but I thought it was only for X360?

Josh Rodgers said...

whoops! fixed now

Blake said...

crap, poop on a stick. Well its a good thing I got a 360 from Santa.