Friday, December 19, 2008

Wolverine IN GAMES

I just watched the new Wolverine Movie trailer, its looks pretty cool, but until I actually see it, the trailer and what they put up on the big screen are sometimes 2 different things. So I figure I just give a little blurb about all the wolverine appearances that I,"ME" have ever played in all the games that I have played. So if I missed one, its because I never played it. So lets start with the first game that I played that had Wolverine in it.

X-men for the NES. When I first played this game, I really didn't know who the x-men were, let alone Wolverine, but guess what?, it doesn't matter. Knowing who the X-men and Wolverine are, doesn't make this game any better. I had and still have no clue what this game is about. The graphics are horrible and the gameplay sucks. Stay away from this shit box.

This game was your typical side scroller with bosses that could be defeated by finding their pattern or hoping that you hit them more than they hit you. It was OK, much better than the xmen game but like games that follow this one, the developers start putting in a energy bar that depletes when you use his claws. Really, is that necessary? I hated all the games that had this has part of his superpowers.

I really enjoyed this game, especially being able to retract and extract the claws. But like previous games, he used his special energy when you used his claws. But he could heal, but very slowly, I could leave the room go watch TV for 30 min and come back and my life would still be refilling. It was kind useless. But I really did like this version of Wolverine, at the time I thought they did a great job with the look of him.

I didn't get to play this game till almost 4 or 5 years ago, so I can't do it justice of having liked it back when I was younger or not. In all fairness, to me is seemed just like the 2 previous games with Wolverine in it. A side scroller and slash game. It didn't really stand out in anyway, it seemed to play into the fan base that the comic Wolverine was developing at the time.

This one is hard friggen game, it doesn't leave room for error at all. This is one of those games that you have to play over again and again till you get the pattern down to a "T". I managed to complete all the hero's levels, except Wolverines level. His level has him running from juggernaut and you have to slash through walls and drop anvils on juggernauts head to slow him down. I never made, I've always gotten squashed, hard but fun game.

I had alot of fun playing this game. They made the characters more vibrant and really helped them to stand out. It didn't play at all like the first version to come out on the genesis, they did a whole new take on the game, which was great, I think out of all the games up to this point, this one was my favorite.

This too was a great and in my opinion, a very stylized game, it made the characters full body and better animation and more than just kick and punch and started the lead into all the fighting games that were to follow this genre. Wolverine played alot like the his fighting counter part in the fighting games, it was pretty fun.

This is the game that ushered in Marvel super hero's fighting games. Although this was not a fighting game, the boss battles were treated that way, and wolverine started to get his characteristic moves that you will see in all fighting games to follow.

These next bunch of games I am just lumping in all one pile, mainly due to that each version of the game has the same wolverine in each one, there may be one or 2 new super moves, but for the most part, all these games play wolverine in the same way. A newbie could start out with Children of the Atom Wolverine and then jump into Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and play him just has well. They are all great fighting games, I just wished they changed the character up a little bit due to they use him so much in the genre.

These next 3 games all fall under the same build. They all play the same and have generally have the same style. Its the first attempt at 3-D x men and Wolverine. It was also the first few games that showed Wolverine in other classic outfits, his biker gear, classic brown, and many others. You weren't limited to a side scroller, you could side step and they all had super cool moves. Wolverine was pretty fun to use, I think they didn't entirely test the game first though, because in the first game I would get a 99 hit combo using almost any character. It was great, it made me feel like I was a arcade pro, but all I really did was remember 3 sets of button combination's, over and over. lame I know, but I enjoyed it.

The Next bunch of games are again all the same format, just adding new characters and new moves to a new plot with the same game mechanics. Now there are slight differences here and there, but for the most part these 3 are all the same game. In these games you can really customize Wolverine and make him behave a certain way in battle depending on where you spend your experience points. This genre is one of my favorite types but it is very different than your average game. Alot of people don't like them because of the game setup. But I don't mind it. Give it a shot I Say!

I generally hate games based off of movies, and although I would like to go into a rant about this game, I think I will leave it for another time for a "Games based of a Movie"section. But you get to play 3 x-men characters, one of them is Wolverine. There's not much to say about it, you hack and slash, it wasn't bad, but it was good either, I'm just talking about Wolverine part in the game. He was built up to be a punch up tough guy, it just didn't feel right.

If you are going to play one game about Wolverine and get a full Wolveriney experience, than Wolverine's Revenge is the game you must play. At first I though because of the Hugh Jackmen on the cover that it would be a movie tie in, but nope, its it own game.
This game really lets you experience wolverine like you know he should be played, fierce and unforgiving, great moves, great death animations, fantastic boss fights. I enjoyed just retracting and extracting the claws, something very satisfying about that. But give this game a try, its somewhat old, but its really the best out there.


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Just wanted to say I enjoyed the "Wolvy review". I would say you are pretty spot on with all of the reviews, and I have played about 80% of the games. One thing I think needs to be said is that in the 8 bit era, games were almost always that ludicrous and that would be why I enjoy them moreso now. Hell, look at the TNMT NES game. How ridiculous is that? Once you get to the underwater level you MUST have all of the turtles to even pass that.

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