Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playstation HOME- BETA-PS3

This is gonna be pretty short. The Playstation Network have been going on forever about their new interactive online community, the Playstation Home. Well it was released this week and I must admit that I was a little interested in the whole ordeal. So I clicked it and gave it a download.

I've read a few things online about the whole thing, and there seemed to be quite a bit of hype about the whole thing. IGN said that Sony is hoping that this will be a system seller, that it will push new systems and that the download will be 500MB, a networked community to meet and play games.

Well, when I downloaded it, it asked me if I wanted to put aside 3700MB of space for this. So I wanted to give it a try, so I did, but that's a far cry from the 500MB that was once said, but I know things in this industry change, so what!?

Then when I got it downloaded it gives you options to create your own avatar, which is an adult guy or girl with very limited options. I mean you can do alot with the facial features, but the outfits and accessories are very limited. If you want to really custtomize yourself and your apt you have to buy with actually money the items from the playstation store. Yeah, watch me !So after you make the person that you think resembles you, you start off in your apartment where you can move things(furniture,pictures) around and make it your own. You can leave and go to other areas, the court, the mall, etc.

Its when you leave your apt that you can meet other people and play games that are offered on home. Chat and challenge friends to a friendly game of something.....God this is making me sick....ITS STUPID, BORING, STUPID PIECE OF BORESHIT!!!!...GOD!!

The only fun I had was trying to make an online version of me, but they didn't have any facial hair, just lame mustaches. Only mimmy thinks mustaches are cool. It was dumb, every thing about it. Moving shit around in my virtual apt and meeting people online, and the games that are offered are boring. ITS NO GOOD!!!....I downloaded it and installed it and maybe 10 min later uninstalled it and deleted it, what a waste of space and time.

The only people who will like this are people with no lives and are in to that whole second life deal. The average gamer I think will get just has bored and unentertained has I was. Download it if you like, give it a try and see for yourselves. If you like this and see this has something that you want to rush home and get into, then you truly have no life. Just stop right now, cut off your wiener and tape yourself to the chair and have all your food pumped in through the window in puree form.

God this is stupid. 0/10


Loner Gamer said...

That was a hilarious read. Ya, Home is a disappointment. I think it would have been a bit better if they cut away the unnecessary load time between the Home spaces.