Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

When I first heard about this game I thought "really??" and dismissed it as a cheap gimmick for a series that has been slowly getting worse with every new release. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed MK Deception for it's unloackables, and crazier new characters, but I knew it was starting to run it's course.

MK vs DCU felt as though it would "jump the shark" so I thought nothing of it. Then it came out and my girlfriend thought it would be fun to play for a few nights so we rented it from blockbuster. I was surprised! It was actually fun to play. It's a bit slower than most other fighters so anybody can enjoy it and the story mode from the hero side was actually pretty funny.
Bad run-on sentence explanation ahead:
Superman zaps Darkseid while going through a portal while Raiden does the same thing to Shao Khan which causes a rift in the universe smashing DC's earth with Mortal Kombat's earth, so the heroes and villians on either side join forces to fight each other until they figure out the true enemy is a new guy that is Darkseid and Shao Khan mashed together... whew..
Pretty cheesey but it works.
My favorite characters to play as are from the DC universe side (Batman being my favorite.) The moves are easy to pull off and to learn and the backgrounds and character models look really nice. I was alos impressed with some of the costumes from the DC universe side. They made minor changes to some that really work well and look good (Green Lantern being one of the biggest changes)

The game really suffers from lack of characters. With only 20 characters to choose from and 2 unlockables it really feels limited. So many of the regular Mortal Kombat characters are missing and I would've loved to see more from the DC Universe (Reverse Flash, Mr. Freeze, BatGirl, etc etc)

With no unlockables (what happened to the graveyard?) and very few characters this game can get old fast. Worth a rent or wait until it's cheap but I wouldn't pay full price.



Blake said...

I had the same views about this game has you. But I plan on buying it all the same. I enjoy the MK series, but like you, felt it was getting stale.

So I think this will tie me over until Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

andrew said...

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe an actual story mode, which was obviously done to explain why and how the Mortal Kombat characters were meeting and dueling with the DC Universe characters.This could have worked, but unfortunately it immediately puts you into a cheesy storyline, telling you the tale of worlds colliding and the ‘Rage Virus’ infecting those chosen champions from each Universe.

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