Thursday, November 27, 2008

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

I was one of those kids that would spend money at the arcade when I got the chance to play games I wasn't very good at. Street Fighter 2 was one of those games that ate up a few allowences. Then Street Fighter 2 came out on the SNES and a good friend of mine got a copy of it. The good news was no more money being spent at the arcade- the bad news- I still wasn't good at it.

Now this comes out and I welcomed it like an old friend only to find out after all this time I still suck at it. I downloaded a Wii Virtual Console port a while back and still was never very good and when I found out about this one I was excited. After playing for a few hours I realize I still suck.

After all this time I still suck at this game! Playing with the xbox controller feels a bit weird so if you pick this up you might want to consider getting a good cheap arcade stick (or you can make your own) here here and here

old-new (and it looks great!)

The game looks great! The character models look stunning and the backgrounds look really detailed and alive. There are no unlockables but that's okay. We know what to expect from this game, and it really delivers as the best version of SSF2 on the market. If you're a fan of fighting games and don't mind getting your ass kicked this game is for you!

Getting to play as Akuma

Beginner tutorial by David Sirlin

Capcom Blog


Blake said...

I was wondering about getting this. I was ok at the game, I don't think I sucked has much has you, but who, know. I haven't played a good fighting game in a while.

LPB is keeping me entertained.

Blake said...

I played this online for the first time last night, my first match was fun, then you have a match where the guy just keeps doing the same 2 moves over and over again.

With Blank, he jump, kick, land next to me and shock me. He do this over and over.

It was like the horrible mortal kombat move, where you could keep low kicking somebody to death.