Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Medal of Honor: Airborne - PS3

Taking some time to post, since I am in the process of moving to PEI, so kinda hard to find time to post lately. I would like to post a little more, but eh.

I think its been awhile that I talked about something that really blew my mind, since sonic the craphog, in a bad way. Well, Here it is and holy cow was I ever blown away, and not the good blowing.

The last 3 Medal of Honor games I have played have all been for the PC and they were the first ones to come out. So I got the spear head and Breakthrough, all great games, both single and online play. So I figured I was in for much of the same but with a little Humph!! Boy was I surprised.

So lets get the good outta the way.
1) The levels look amazing, they really put everything into making these look great. Market Garden really looks spectacular.
2) The controls work well, they are what you would expect.
3) The leveling up your guns is really fun and entertaining and a new twist on what something old.
4) The gameplay is what you would expect, its WW2, go kill Germans.

This game is the biggest fuckfest of technical errors I have ever seen in any game in my entire life. Now that's a big statement, my entire life!!! Let me take your through some of the scenarios that happened during play.


If you would like to stand back and do a tactical attack and take out enemies from the distant or before they see you. Then you are an idiot for thinking that. Don't you know that if you kill a German, another one respawns to take its place!

Yes, enemies will keep respawning until you shoot them and then run to the area where you just shot them so they don't respawn anymore. I must have shot 25 guys behind the same box, trying to strategically take them out so I could run across the battlefield and not get shot. But nope, I had to shoot and charge the area, getting shot in the process.


Again I was at a area where enemies were respawning, but this time they weren't far away, the guy was one wooden box away. So I had shot this guy 4 times already and he just respawned again and again. But the 5th time I shot him, he divided into 5 guys. WTF!!

Now, some good came outta this, the 5 guys he divided into were my guys, so they charged the battle field taking out the guys that were keeping me from moving forward. BUT really, what the hell was that?!!!


Lots of time, I have one bar of life left and I will hide to regroup. This time I did in a train car. A steel train car, so you can hear the bullets zinging off the sides. So I was backed way into the corner with my rifle pointing towards the door. Then I start getting hit, not full on bullet shots, but the same hit that takes a small portion of life the same when you are just getting nicked.

I do a flurry of swinging around to see what the hell is going on, and when I did, I turned around and I was outside of the wall. Well part of me, I could look down and see a portion of me sticking out the back wall, next thing I know, I am dead. Shot because part of me was sticking out the wall.F"N wonderful


The game gives you a compass that shows the position of your guys, (Yellow) and the bad guys (Red) So it gives you an idea of the layout, now enemies that are higher and lower than you, show up a little less bright on the map, but it still shows them.

The problem arises, when you will be running along, and has you move forward, you can see enemy positions appear on the radar. So you take a defensive position and get ready for them. Then outta nowhere, a guy pops up behind you and shoots you. WTF, where did he come from, he wasn't on the radar and hes still not showing up on the radar now that I'm dead.

Is a German Ninja, a special elite solider. NOPE!, he looks just like the rest of the guys. But its something that will happen again and again. Enemies will pop up outta nowhere, not show up on the radar and kill you. If you are lucky enough to see them first, but other than that, be prepared for lots of unexplained kills.


One thing you don't want to do with the baddies, is get in melee range. Don't try to get next to them and stab them or beat them over the head with a gun. WHY?!!!, well when you get next to them, they dart across, (and not using the dash button) , blink, disappear, see them run in the opposite direction, then blink, disappear and reappear infront of you, then you are dead. They just stabbed or clubbed you.

This happen at least 75% of the time. So I just stopped trying to club people. Its easier to club baby seals...wait!?....no, I'm right, its easier to club baby seals.


This didn't really hamper my gameplay, but I thought it was funny looking. During one of my passes, I shot a guy, who they flipped over, with his head stuck in the floor and his body standing upside down, arms and legs flailing around. I just stood there and watched. IT didn't stop, its just kept going. So after while I moved one, only to die and do this part over again.

I died 3 times during this run and each time I shot him, he did the same silly dance. It was pretty funny.


There is one part where you have to put bombs in hatchways that are on the top of a train. The train isn't moving, so you have to run around stair wells and jump down on the train. It is here that you see the hatchway, with the glowing red indicator, that tells you to put bomb here. You then hit X and it attaches the bomb.

Well in one of these, they put the hatch under a walkway, so there is a steel bar that runs across the opening of the hatchway. SO HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO GET INTO THE DAMN THING!!?? I TELL YOU HOW, keep hammering away on the x, until one of 2 things happen. You get shot by Germans trying to stop you, or eventually, you get sucked into the hole and lay the bomb. What fucked up layout!!!


So, one would think, are you playing online for all this stuff to be happening? No, This is single player. But all these problems, I have seen before while playing older online games. Infact most of these problems would be things that I think would happen due to lag, not offline in single player mode.

But that's what I think this game is made for. I think they made this for online only and rushed to slap together a single player mode. Did they test play this game? I am guessing no, or if they did, they didn't have time to fix the problem and published the game anyway, hoping that fans of the genre would eat it up. I'm glad I rented this.

Now, does all this make it a bad game, YES IT DOES. Games today shouldn't have any of these problems, did I have a bad copy, is my PS3 dying??What ever it is, its not acceptable. The game is still OK to play through if you can get past all the hiccups and their are plenty. But it defiantly knocks the game down a few notches. The game could have been a decent game, instead its a infuriating experience.



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