Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Big Planet - PS3

If I had to describe Little Big Planet in one word. It would be cute, very cute. Does that mean its fun, good or bad. Yeah, its fun and very innovative. Its mind boggling huge!, the limits to this game knows no bounds.

To get you started, you are given a sack person, that shows emotions depending on what buttons you press, happy, scared, angry and confused. But has nothing to do with gameplay, its just fun to make your guy look like hes pisses has all hell. You can customize your character quite a bit, make em look a pre-set costume, or mix and match to make what ever you want. Its pretty fun. Lots to download to add to your inventory.

The game itself is your standard side scroller, you can jump and grab on to certain things. The level can be played with up to 4 people. There are items that you cannot get unless you have 4 players. Its the level design that really make your guy shine. The levels are pretty standard and you are given a 100% completion for finding all hidden bubbles. Bubbles unlock new items and outfits.

But I don't think this game was made for single player story mode. This was made to be a GIANT online make your own world LBP. Like I mentioned earlier, what you can do to create a world is insane. What ever you can think of, you can make it. The tools that you have are really indept and my first level that I made, took me 4 hrs to do. Mainly just trying to frig with the tools and get things to do what I wanted them to do. ITS this option that makes LBP stand out from all the other games.

It really is mind blowing. My only complaint is in the single player, your have 3 planes that you can walk in, near, middle and far. And sometimes when you are trying to jump on certain plate forms with another plate form behind, you can miss your jump and land on something else in the for ground and background. Other than that, it takes some time to get used to all the tools to make your own level.

If you like doing that sorta thing, that LBP is your dream world. One can't get a better level creator that this game. My first level that I made was Ghostbusters. It was pretty fun. Just thinking of what to put in it and how to do it was crazy. But its done, and I'm happy with it.

This game offers alot, but only for people who really like making levels. The average gamer I think will get quite bored with it, more has a novelty. I really enjoyed it, I think anyone with a PS3 should give this a try, rent or buy, only if you like making levels.