Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2, March of the Minis - Nintendo DS

This is going to be pretty short. Its a rendition of a Mario game. Its fun.

But to be a little more detailed. Donkey Kong has captured a princess, not thee princess, but what looks like princess peach whorish sister and apparently they both want to bone her. So when she accepts Mario's gift and not Donkey Kong's, Kong throws a hairy fit and kidnaps her. Then its up to Mario to save her. I say leave her with the monkey, but if we did that, then the game would've ended with me saying, "Good riddance to that tramp" and turned off the game.

So Mario has to go save the Princess, But this time he does it with little wind up Mario's. The game plays like lemmings, I guess I shouldn't say that. It plays more like Krusty's Fun house for the NES. That's the game where Krusty has to make all the mice get to their destination by manipulating the environment. Where this one you get to do that, but you can also click on the Mario's and make them do certain things. Jump, grab hammers, switches.

There are 8 worlds in all with 9 levels in a world, I think, maybe 7...but what ever. Each level has a boss fight where Donkey Kong is in some weird set up where you have to shoot mini Mario's at him to defeat him. There are also certain criteria that you have to do in order to get the gold star. Like finishing with all your Mario's, and getting them all in at the same time. Collecting all the coins and finally the hardest one, keeping them constantly moving.

This is nuts!, Its fine in the easier levels and with only 2 mini Mario's to control, but the later levels and up to 5 Mario's to watch, its like playing the live action game of that TV show, John and Kate plus 8. Try and keep track of 8 kids and get them all to safety before they run into a flaming lava pit.

That being said, it really is a fun game. Its not super hard, but trying to get the gold star on each level is pretty challenging. I found myself pleasantly surprised by this game. It was a great time waster if you just wanted to play for 10-15 min and then do something else. You can't go wrong with a Mario game.


I like that this video is set up differently than most.