Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seth's Review, A 10 yr old Perspective - Shadow the Hedgehog - GameCube

I figure I sit down with my kid, Seth, and get him to give me his perspective on a game review that he has played and finished. So this is nothing to do with me and my thoughts and views. This is totally all Seth and what a 10 year old thinks of the game.

D- Who can u play has?

S- Shadow with a sidekick unless you are in solo mode.

D- What can he do?

S- Everything Sonic can do, but he has super shadow kick and he can pick up weapons and switch them.

D- What kind of weapons?

S- Alien and Human guns. With multiple shots and missiles.

D- Was he easy to control?

S- Really easy!

D- So he didn't get stuck on a wall?

S- Nope.

D- Did you like the graphics?

S- Not that much, the backgrounds made it hard to see whats going on around Shadow.

D- Are there any Extras?

S- Naaaaa

D- What are your favorite things about the game?

S- That you can switch sidekicks throughout the level.

D- Who are you sidekicks?

S- They are Sonic and his friends and even villians. But they don't help you out any, besides shouting out hints.

D- So they are pretty much useless?

S- yeah, except for tips.

D- What didn't you like about the game?

S- No Extras, and the backgrounds were distracting.

D- What would you score the game?

S- I would give it a 6.5/10

So there we have it, a 10 year old perspective on a game. Which is good to have I think. Hes a little older now, so I am thinking that he is getting or has passed the stage of where kids like everything. This may be the first of many. Perhaps I will create a section called, "The 10 Year old perspective"