Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lego Batman - PS3

Sheesh, its hard to finish games in a decent amount of time and write something about them. I suppose I could do older games that I've played in the past. But then my memory isn't has fresh has having just played it.

Well, if anyone has played any of the lego games. Then Lego Batman is just what you would expect. Mindless fun. These lego games are great! I played the starwars, but wasn't interested in Indiana Jones one. Mainly because alot of the fun of playing these games is playing has the secondary characters and starwars have a great roster to choose from. Same goes for batman, all his villains and goons, plus all Batman's friends. But with Indiana Jones, you get Nazi guy number 1, tribal hunter number 2. There arn't many characters that I would want to play has in that series. But this is Batman we are talking about, not Indiana.

The game plays the same has the rest of the games, collect all the studs, unlock new characters and new abilities, buy weapons and items. Its all very satisfying. I guess the difference in this then in starwars is...They take advantage of all the toy hype around batman. You have sonic batman, heat resistant batman, glider batman, and many more. Same goes for robin, he has his own set of suits that he can use to help you along the way. Which really adds to playing the game over and over again.

I really enjoyed playing through the levels, twice and even a third time to find all the secrets, and they weren't hard to find secrets either. So you don't have to be all hardcore gamer to get these. Mainly because if you can't find all these secrets you can purchase a device that points to where the next item is. Its pretty entertaining.

That being said, there are some glitches in the game. You can get a device that shows you with arrows where things are, but sometimes, it pointed to a area where there was nothing. So you are beating your brains out tyring to find the hidden item, and the indicator is pointing straight down, only to find out later its on a different level. But this happened twice in the whole game, and was super annoying.

The other thing, and I am going to write a mini walk through, to help you find all 1,000,000 studs in the Wayne Manor. I had 99.4% of the game complete and couldn't find the last stud to get 1 million. I went online to look for it and no body gives you details of how to get things, just vague hints, go here, its in there next to the computer. So I hope this helps all those who were frustrated like me trying to get that last hidden stud.

1,000,000 studs in Wayne Manor

1. Destroy all the trees
2. Destroy all the post surrounding the manor, they will rise up a little when you hit them.
3. Use the tractor and run over all the rocks
4. Use the lawnmower and run over all the flowers which gives you the 1st stud back at the mower garage.
5. Destroy all the garbage cans, which give you the computer pieces, build the computer.
6. Use Robin to work the control panel, I hit square and circle during this time, I don't know if it did anything usefull, but it did turn the computer screen blue to black. You may hear a little different noise when doing this. If you hear a new noise or see the screen change or just tired waiting for robin.
7. Sit in the chair and wait to be sucked in the computer, feel free to press square or circle to see if this helps, but sometimes I sat there and did nothing and got sucked in, other times it happen while I was pressing buttons.
8. Once in the computer, what you have to do is destroy certain blocks and collect the studs left behind. What destroys boxes are, bombs, punching,batarangs, sonic gun, banging your head underneath them like Mario. So ever box that you come to, if you can't get under it, do the other 4 things. If none of them work, than that box cannot be destroyed, move on to the next box. (All brown boxes can be destroyed, no, I'm talking about about the orange ones)
9. So if you tediously go through all the boxes in this level using the method described above, you should get all the studs.
10, After getting all the studs that you think you got, jump in the pipe, and you come up on top of Wayne manor. there is a stud there next to the computer. get it and then sit in the chair. You are then sucked into anther game type arena.
11. This one is pretty easy, you use bombs to push into propellers and get the stud. You can use hover crafts to drag the bombs around, but I found it easier to just walk and push. After you destroy all the propellers, (there arn't any secret ones here, they are all in plain view) Pull the lever and leave.
12.You then appear on top of the other side of Wayne manor, and here is the last stud. Congrats.

Now here is my problem with this, I did this 8 times, before I got all 1 million. I don't know if doing things in a certain order makes certain studs appear or if it was some glitch that wasn't giving me all the studs. But when I did finally collect the final stud. I hadn't done anything different, I didn't go, "Oh, here is the last stud that I missed" . I did everything the same, but for some reason, this time around, I got all1,000,000. So either I'm crazy or the game was glitchy.

So, with that, it still was fun and after I got 100% complete I didn't feel the need to continue to play this game. infact, I will probable never play this game again. I just enjoy finding all the secrets and unlocking stuff. Anyone who has already played this franchise(lego), you know what you are getting. Any new people tyring it out for the first time, you should have a good time. I really enjoyed my time playing the game. But I don't think it offers any replayablitity after you unlock everything.