Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jackal - NES

A quick post. Finding it hard to post games, GTA 4 has been taking up all my time. Hard to find the time to play that 15-20 hr game when a behemoth like GTA 4 comes along. So If I talk about a game that I played awhile back, most of the time I can't remember all the details about it. Unless there was a neat little story that happened while I was playing or it really stood out for good or bad reasons. So I will reach back into my brain and pull out a old game that I remember for whatever reason.

Jackal, and its not based off the Bruce Willis movie where he makes out with a guy and shoots the crap outta Jack Black, but playing a game where you had to avoid Bruce Willis kisses while gunning down Jack Black does seem interesting. This game is nothing like that. I remember this game for being the first game that I ever finished with a friend. Particular my cousin Janet. I don't know how old we were when this came out. But you both could play at the same time. Wait, I'm gettin ahead of myself.

Jackal is a topdown view of a guy (jackal) who drives around in a jeep tossing grenades and shooting the bad guys. Its pretty standard for the type of game it was, there were tons of games like this, but with different scenarios, Smash tv had two guys running around blasting their way through messed up arenas, 1942 you were a plane trying to reach the end without dieing for the 25th time. So it wasn't setting any new standards here. But it was Fun!

Each stage had a different boss that of course shot way too many bullets that you couldn't avoid no matter what. And I remember it being quite challenging. Then again I was a kid, so what the hell did I know. Anywho, you could have a second player join in and he/she could drive around in another jeep and help you out. I don't know what this second jeep guy was called. I know that it was a red jeep and Jackal was a green jeep. I would've like to think that if one was called Jackal that the second guy had a equal kick ass name like Vulture, or Viper, or Venom or some other cool mid 80's name that started with "V". Perhaps he had a name, I don't remember, but if it was that important , wouldn't the game be called Jackal and "Friend"

Its also great for the fact that, unlike other games , if you ran into the enemy it wouldn't hurt you, but it would hurt them. So you could send the baddies flying over the hood of the jeep or screaming underneath the wheels. AWESOME!!. It was great fun, especially with 2 people.



Nikki said...

Yes!! Jackal is awesome! One of my favorites! Great review.