Monday, June 16, 2008

MTV's Celebrity Death Match - PS2

Was this worth $5.00. I wouldn't say, "DAMN STRAIGHT", or even,"Sure is". It gets a"I suppose"
I got this lovely gem in the bargain bin at The Last Game Store for 5 bucks. I think what may have influenced me was that I had recently seen the animated Celebrity Death Match on the internet . It was a fight between Paris Hilton and her stupid skinny friend, and Vice versa. It was pretty fun to see them tear each other apart. Alas, the game is no where near has gory has the TV show, it has its moments ...BUT. I think all the gore would add a whole .200% to the gameplay.

I refuse to go on and list all the things that one would normally talk about when reviewing a game. But this isn't a review really. What this game has is staying power, what do I mean by that. I mean, this game is fun for 15 min , maybe 20 then you want to slowly put it down , walk backwards and tell know one that you even heard of this game.

The premise is pretty simple and any halfwited retard could pick this up and be a full fledge celebrity death match master in 5 min. What keeps you interested for those 15-20 min is seeing all the people you can play has and seeing all their insane moves. All the characters are late 90's based characters. Marilyn Mason, Jerry Springer, Carmen Electra, Tommy Lee, Miss Cleo, Carrot Top and the whole group of N-sync, plus a bunch of others. Knowing who they are, doesn't make you feel more satisfied, just think of any innate character from the 90's and there you have celebrity death match.

They all have moves, that involve props or play on the type of character that they are. Carmen Electra has an Electric move, Mr T drops the A-Team van on a opponent and so on and so fourth. I guess now, seeing has shes Dead, it be kinda fun to revisit the game and play has Anna Nicole Smith where you can smack people around with her boobs. Thats taste full ..right??!

Anywho, the most fun I had with this game was when I was playing with Seth and he was playing Ron Jeremy's character and he like his supermove, where he would turn into a one-eyed purple monster and chase you around the ring, squirting something from his head. If it hit you, you were DOOMED. Seth thought his move was funny, I thought it was funny for other reasons. Regardless, it was 15-20 min of fun that I wouldn't trade for anything. Not much else to say about this game. Its pretty lame...LAAAMMMEE!!

possible one of the worst videos of gameplay I've ever seen. Anyway, its a great example of how Crappy this game is.