Tuesday, May 20, 2008

StarWars Episode 1 - The Gungan Frontier

This is a neat little premise for a game. It plays has if you were Noah's Ark. You get a bunch of animals and vegetation and you choose a place to start up a new Ecosystem. You plant grass and trees and then herbivores and some predators. Then when the numbers are good, you harvest to build a Gungan city and try and make is prosper. Sounds Fuuuun.??? I don't know about fun, but theres definitely alot of reading and remember what does what and how one thing affects the other.
A player can choose to be Obiwan or Princess Amidala and have your goal to see if you can get the Gungan's to build a shrine of you. Thats your ultimate goal to reach to finish a level. Although the game doesn't really end there. You can keep your Ecosystem dance going on forever if you want. Theres a nice balance between flora and fauna, Controlling the harvest so that the gungans have everything they need to keep them stable with a little on the side to expand. Its all good. Like I said, alot of facts to remember and checking in your help files to see what animal does what and what plants are needed to make the animals happy. Of course we all know playing buy the rules get boring after awhile.

(Save before doing this)I figure I release all the rancors in my ecosystem to see what would happen. Yeah, thats not a good idea. They eat everything. Including each other, then they all die out from starvation. Then theres no animals left for harvesting and the gungans pack up and move away. But it sure was fun seeing everything run in terror!! There are over 80 different animals and plants to frig around with. Some get along really well, others don't. Some plants won't survive without a certain animal to pollinate them. And some animals need certain plants to get around on, like the pom hopper, which hops around on giant lily pads called Poms. Of course you have the small population that do well in any environment like the Eopie, Shakk and the every popular Nuna. Which is that little animal that Jabba flicks off the railing before the pod race.

The game has scenarios that you can play out, and you are given a certain number of animals and plants to start out with. So if you use them all up, or start a ecosystem with the wrong kind of plant or tree and add a animal that can't eat any of those types, Then most likely that animal will die out from starvation and the land will be over populated with that plant. Like I said, there's alot of reading and going through the ingame books on what animals like and all that crap. When I first started to play the game. I was overwhelmed with how does this affect that scenario. There was alot of trial and error but it was addictive enough that by the end, I had a pretty good idea of what was the best scenario to keep the harvest going to keep the gungans happy.

Then theres the create a creature, ..............................................................................thats about all I have to say about that. Lets move on!

Although when it came for me to getting the idol made. I did a test. I saved the game , then put the harvest up to max on all plants and animals. Until there was nothing left. With all this extra materials from a harvest, the population soared and I got the idol made. But then the supplies began to run out and the population left. But the point was, I got a idol made. YAAAY, me. Of course the first thing you want to do when you play this game is turn off the help menu. Someone thought it be funny to have jar jar shout out hints while you played. Its not! Turn him off and read. If you can't read, then trial and error. Put a rancor in with a bunch of nuna's and see what happens. Or Joshify the game up. Pit various Starwars animals against each other and see which ones comes out on top. Will it be the bantha, the whomprats, maybe the Fambaa's (The huge animals that were carrying the shield generators for the gungans) Test them out and see who is the prize fighter for GUNGAN FRONTEIR!!! DUM DUM DUMMMMM!!!!

Its a ok game, not bad, not good.