Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk - Sega Genesis

Seeing has the movie is coming out soon. I figure I go back and revisit this old title. I never played any of the newer games based on this franchise. The one based off the piece of broke back fuknut mountain director Ang Lee, nor the Hulk, Ultimate Destruction. Which I heard is quite good and I like to get my hands on to give it a try. The only one I ever played was ,"THE INCREDIBLE HULK" for my Sega Genesis.

I remember being excited about this game, mainly for the look of it. For the time , the look of the hulk was quite good. He moved very smoothly and all his attacks looked really good. Especially when he grab the enemy's and they squirm around while you decide to pile drive them, ram them into the floor or ceiling, or pound the lovin shit outta them. My only grip with the baddies, when they shot at you. Like most games during this time, you could see the bullets or lasers that were being shot at you. Not here, you saw the blast from the barrel and you had to guess when to duck or jump. I guess thats like really life, I wouldn't be able to see a bullet coming at me. So maybe what I am missing here is that this was a pioneer, ....or not.

I remember dieing quite a bit by falling off ledges and missing jumps. I'm not too fond of games where my downfall is falling off a ledge or not making a simple jump that I didn't have the patience to wait until I was to the very edge before I pressed the jump button.But this was a common thing for most games, so I guess I will just have to live with it. Other things were the enemy's getting cheap shots in areas, where I can't move, or jump, so they just beat the living hell outta me and I die, all because I can't MOVE!.Either it be climbing a ladder, entering sewers or just stuck in a small area. The baddies are always up for a cheap shot.

A neat thing about the game was that you could transform into Bruce Banner and get into areas that are too small for the Hulk. That was pretty cool. But of course he couldn't stand up against the enemys, so something I like doing was watching banner change back and fourth into the Hulk. Sorta like a Star Wars game where you could play with lightsabers. I turn them on, then off, on, off, on, off, untill Karyn ask ,"what are you doing?" and I realize I just spent the last 10 min turning off and on a lightsaber. But thats a different story.

Overall , its not a great game, but its not a bad game either. Its a pleasant way to pass the time. Its not too hard, and has enough going for it that it doesn't feel like I am doing the same things over and over. If you can get your hands on this. I recommend giving it a try. Banner..Hulk...Banner...Hulk and so on and so fourth.


The only video I could find on this was the SNES version, but whatever, its still the same game, just different system.