Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

I was going to write a review for this game, but my girlfriend has been playing it more then me. I thought I'd bombard her with questions while she was having one of her online matches to find out what makes this game so addictive to the casual gaming market:

Nikki: "I'm huge bitch!" (referring to getting the mega-shroom power up)

Josh:What's your favorite level?

I like this one (DK Summit) and Maple Treeway.


yeah, watch me and I'll show you how not to get stuck in the snow.


Oh shit! Don't mind that..... fuck! Whenever you watch, I do terrible but I'm usually really good!

You didn't really "not get stuck in the snow" you just fell off a cliff.

No but I'll show you in just a sec. Here's the snow part..when you go over the speed thing go at it at an angle go off to the side, give it a shake, and off to the side..

Is the bullet bike your favorite vehicle in the game?

yes (Nikki loses, toad says "ohhhh noooo!") ohhhwww! but see I didn't get stuck in the snow.

You didn't do too well. You came in last...

I know but I still had fun!

Does it make you mad when you come in last?

Nope I don't mind.

What would be your favorite classic track?

The one.... (I'm the worst person to interview)... the one where your going through the city, but I don't remember what it's called... It's all streets and it's from an older game.... I think it's from the gameboy one or something???... Delfino Square!! It's hard because it's narrow and it's very easy to get caught on the walls, but it's very competative because it's so narrow! Everybody is kinda rammed together and throwing stuff at each other and there's a short cut that's really fun.

Is this your favorite Mario Kart??

I would have to say.... I don't know... it's very close becuase I really liked the one for the Gamecube because everyone had their own individual special weapon and this one doesn't have that. I miss that.... that's why it's very very close..If this had the specials it would be top of the charts!!

What is the most useful powerup when your behind in the race?

For me it's the super mushroom that you just mash on the button and it keeps giving you speed boosts cause even when your behind it can put you four places ahead or more depending on how close everybody is.

What do you really like about this installment of Mario Kart?

I really like I can play against people over the internet. Like right now I'm playing against people all over the world! That's crazy! I'm racing people in Finland! That's bananas!! I can't talk to them, but it's still exciting to do that and I really like the wheel! I thought the wheel at first was kinda a shtick. I didn't think it was going to be fun. I thought they were just doing it as a gag... Like to make money and it wouldn't really be that fun. It's actually really fun! And after you get used to it it's really easier to control it then any other way to play.

What do you think could have been improved about this game?

There are a lot of tracks but I think peoples biggest complaint is that it doesn't have all the old tracks.

Do you think there should be voice chat??

I'm kinda glad there's not cause if you're someone like me, you kinda curse a little bit, under your breath....

So you think you would curse to much at people?

I think there's a chance I would let one slip in front of the kids, and I don't want to do that... I'm playing against 8 year olds too so...I'm glad that they're censoring me without me having to censor me.

Is this your favorite game right now?

Right now? Yeah... I come home and play it every night and I haven't been that way with a game in a long time! I look forward to it which is crazy! It's like "ahh I'm not doing anything right now and supper's in the oven, better play against my friends in Finland."

What is your least favorite power up in this game?

There's a raincloud and it rains on you and slows you down... actually I think it makes you drive a little faster but it shocks you. There's also a POW switch that makes everyone spin out a little bit..

Final question: What rating (out of 10) would you give the game??


Well there you have it! Mario Kart is hella fun as a casual game for the online play.