Thursday, June 6, 2013

MMO Marvel Heroes First Impressions

I didn't realize how excited I was about this particular game until I clicked PLAY and it started to load. So I guess I'm a big fanboy of the Marvel Universe type games, cause I don't like the play style of a MMO game.

I've play DC Universe MMO up to level 30 with my character and it was wasn't bad. But after I reached my cap of level 30..I completely lost interest. I could have went further if I spent money in the game, but to be honest..I was glad I came to that point.

Marvel Heroes..well it looks different than any other MMO I've seen. It looks and plays exactly like the X-men Legend Games and the Marvel Alliance (Marvel Alliance 2-shitgame)

I'm a big fan of the isometric view(3/4 top down) like Diablo. Throw into the mix that its Marvel and BAM!!!

The game is free to play and the developers say that everything that is offered in the game can be obtained through regular play. So you don't have to spend money if you don't want too. Which is great, but also have to put some time into it. To be honest, if you are getting enjoyment out of the game, whats $20 thrown at a title?

But what will $20 get you?..well this is where some people are complainey pants Mcgees (gamers complain?!..nooooooo) $20 bucks gets you gold, which can be used to buy all kinds of goodies. New characters, skins, items, etc. Characters range from 900gold to the most expensive I've seen to 2100 gold..( I think)

But if you like the game, I wouldn't mind putting some money into it, why not.

There where a couple things that I was wondering. When you buy skins, they don't say if the skins give your character different boost or abilites, like they did in the x-men legends games or the first marvel alliance game. There is a "info" button..but we can't click it..yet???

And the concern that I had that the game will be filled with tons of one character, whether it be spiderman, storm, daredevil running around. Well...its exactly that...yes..there are tons of the same characters running around. There is a little variety if people bought skins for the character, but equipping new items, does not change the look of your character. So that's kinda sad.

That being said, this is the first MMO that after the first 2 mission I thought..I want to be part of a guild, team, what ever!!.. Mainly due to the main missions can only be started by people in the same group. If you enter a door to do a mission, there may be free play with everyone outside in the world, but in game missions..its just you and your group..if you got one.

So beating big bosses by yourself is really really hard.

I was enjoying myself immensely with this game, did the fact that it was marvel have anything to do with it? sure did. I like the source material. Unlike Defiance..where I created a character..walked into the world..started my first mission and the first real person I meet in the game shoots me in the face.Uninstall and delete.

THEN....this happens, "you have ran out of virtual memory, Exiting". And this is the main reason why I prefer consoles over PC. I'm not a PC guy..if anything happens with the code, xml, exe files..I have no idea what to do to fix it.
I did go online and read up on virtual memory and I shut down all programs running in the background. But that didn't help...instead I get a different error. So did I shut down a process that was being used by the game? probably.. knowing me.

At that point, when Im fighting with the computer to make it work..I get annoyed and its enough for me to say, "well I guess that's where the game ends for me" and go back to my console.Wweeeee.

I'm gonna ask some of my more tech savy friends and see if they can assist, cause I really enjoyed Marvel Heroes MMO. If I do get back in the first duty..get into a guild or team..or whatever its called in this game.

I do suggest that if you are a marvel fan...and a gamer..check out the new MMO, Marvel Heroes.