Thursday, June 13, 2013

...And My Marvel Heroes Experience Ends

Im sure all my PC player friends will give me a ear full. But this game is why I choose to play on console and not PC. I don't keep my PC up to date, I don't have the latest video cards or install more ram, etc, etc. As a result a computer that is 6 years old tends to have problems when I play games of today.

As is such with Marvel Heroes MMO. I manage to get up to level 7 and unlocked, Scarlet Witch and DareDevil before I kept getting errors. The first was I ran out of virtual memory, which I increased..then I ran out of visual memory. They sound like the same thing..don't they?

Anyway..I went and did a very minor search..where I typed in "Increase my visual memory on my Windows XP. I'm surprise I didn't get any links with making my wiener bigger. And the first few searches just showed some website saying, download this..and if anyone is going to get viruses...its going to be me. So I didn't bother with it.

With that, ends my time with Marvel Heroes. I get annoyed messing around on my PC..I like to stick the game in and have it work, not fart around and install that..update this..go mess around with my settings. Yet some will look at that and go,"What you talking about?..its simple". Yeah...I don't care..I don't like it. :P

Which is a shame, cause I really enjoyed my short time with it. It was fun and it reminded me of my time with the X-men legends game. Even though it was a MMO...I still enjoyed it. So if they plan on releasing this on a console down the road?  I hope so. So until then..Good bye sweet prince...okay that last part was stupid...let me try that again..good bye my love..okay..this isn't working.