Friday, June 14, 2013

A Slap In The Face to Xbox Fans

The whole back and forth that is going online lately, which is the better console. No doubt that play wise, the new Xbox and PS4 are comparable. Where they fall away from eachother is this whole always online and second hand games features. But I am only addressing the always online feature here.

What I got a kick out of..a slap in the face really. Was reading a article where Microsoft (Don Mattrick) said that they have a solution for Xbox fans who don't have internet. The Quote - "Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360"

BAAAHAHahahahahaha , HAHAhahahahahaahahahahahahahah.hahaha...oohhhho ohhhhoh ahahahahahaahahaahah...haaa ..aaahhh aaahhhhhhhh :).

Its like when you were a kid and you wanted that new toy..or pair of sneakers. And you Mom says, "You already have something that covers your feet and keeps rocks from sticking into the bottom of your feet". me-"Yes Mom...but I want the new ones with Pump it Up action and springs in the heel so I can jump 10 feet high and launch myself on the roof!!"

Seriously though, what a shot for the fans. Don't have problem..we have the Xbox 360 for you!!..See..we were thinking about our fans!

I also liked that his sympathies went as far as he could understand if you didn't have internet if you lived on a nuclear submarine. Hahahah..thats also a good one.

But If I was a Xbox player or if Sony had pulled this moved with the the new PS4 and the situations were reversed and the Xbox One was offering everything that the PS4 was. I'd buy a Xbox One in a heart beat. You can't treat your fans like that.

Your going under the assumption that everyone as internet nowadays. That people are always online. Well I'll have you know mr Microsoft I know a few people who don't have internet and own gaming consoles.

Hell, when I go home for the Holidays I take my system to my parents. They don't have Internet..( cause mom thinks Facebook is the devil apparently) And what about when Internet providers have down time...or theirs a problem with your connection...or your moving and have to wait 2-3 weeks to have some repair guy install Internet. Hell I waited 4 months for my Internet!!

And if I wasn't able to play my PS3 all that time cause it had to be online I would be one royal pissed consumer.

But it doesn't look like they are backing down, so that its. People who have Internet aren't going to see this as a problem. But I will inform my ill informed gamer parents about this.

 As I found out recently, I was watching a 11 year old boy playing God of War and asked the mom, " You him play God of War?!". She said.."yeah..why??
I say.."Cause there's a part in all those games where you have sex with woman..hell in the 3rd one..the one he is playing..two naked woman are touching each other while you play a timed button press game to go along with the pleasuring of a women on a bed"

The expression on her face was priceless.....and her first response was, "Who bought you that game?!"

The answer..she says, "It was probably me....sigh" One...No Internet problem...keep playing your Xbox 360.