Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dishonored - PS3

There haven't been many games coming out in the end of the summer that really interested me. And I also had tendinitis in my right arm which prevented me from using a controller for too long.

But now, we're getting back into the pre-holiday quarter and good stuff is coming!

The first one I got is Dishonored.

I only found out about this game a short while before it was released, so I didn't have too much time to build up expectation ... or to wait.

I'll do a full account of my play experience when I finish the game. But here is an example of one of my favourite activities in the game. I want to play this game with killing as little guards as possible and just putting them to sleep. But, my extra-curricular fun thing to do is hiding them and making nice little piles of snoozing bodies or leave them in awkward positions.

So, here's my best one yet. FOUR guards.

It's glorious! So much fun!