Saturday, September 22, 2012

Transformers - Fall of Cybertron - Escalation Mode

Im a Big Transformers fan, I have a avid collection of the toys (not the Michael Bay Crap) so having this game come out is a no brainer for me. But I'm just going to talk about Escalation Mode for now.

Escalation is a co-op game with up to 4 other players where each player chooses a class to play and you have to survive 15 waves from 4 maps.

The 4 classes consist of:

1)Healer - Obviously this guy heals others. But besides that, when someone dies,the other players have to stand over the dying partner and hold square. The healer can bring a player back to life from a distance with his heal ray.

2)Ammo Drop - Although the smallest character in the 4, works out to be one of the most important. Running out of ammo in this mode is fatal. Having this guys drop ammo at every chance is can is key to winning the 15 rounds.

3)Riot Shield - The muscle of the group. This is the guy you stand behind when shit hits the fan and this guy absorbs all the fire coming in. Great to have to make a quick escape and regroup, but don't forget to give him cover fire when he too has to turn and play catch up.

4)Turret - In my opinion the least  helpful of the group, but still plays a role. This guy drops a turret that adds another gun to the fray. helpful yes..but I feel there could have been something else.

So each person picks a class and tries to survives each round. The key to winning is everyone playing their class and STICKING TOGETHER!!!!. I can't stress how important that is. If like a horror movie, and you all split up, then your fucked. Your going to lose..hands down. DONE!!

Just as playing your class is important..if your a healer, stay back behind your guys and watch their health. And at the end of each round, leave one enemy alive so you can regroup at a safe spot and get your ammo guy to to replenish your gear. Wait until everyone has full ammo for all your weapons then go finish of the last guy to begin the next wave.

The other thing that you get is money for killing enemies and round ending, this money can be used by buy weapons, items, open doors, call in support, upgrade weapons. Again, this is super easy to do, if everyone agrees to put their money in the same spot. Upgrading your weapons should be top priority.

Getting them up to level 2 is good, level 3 is great. Don't bother with level 4 since it takes way too much money and waste of time.

But along the way, pick up the riot cannon has your main weapon as it has great stopping power. Cause in the later levels your going to want something that knocks the enemy back cause they will swarm you. And little quick firing weapon won't have the stopping power that the riot cannon has. And its free..find the spawning point and wait for it.

I'm ashamed to say that I've only beat the levels all on easy. BUT!!!..holy cow..are these ever hard. Its crazy at wave 11-15. And whats even harder is finding a random crew of online players who work together. Its better if you have a some friends who all own the game and play together like that, and each play their class. That's the only way I can see winning on normal or hard.

I played one match with a group where the ammo guy was not dropping ammo. I spent 2-3 waves running around with  no ammo, and cursing this guy upside the head to drop fucking ammo. Then when I see some ammo spawning, I run to get. And what happens...?? This little fuck (who is the ammo dropper) runs over and grabs the ammo from me.  DROP FUCKING AMMO YOU TURD!!!

Needless to say, I quit that match after the 2nd time we all died cause none of us had ammo because of dumbballs.

But this goes to show, that you have to play your class and finding decent people to play with online is hard. Infact half of winning these matches is finding the right players.

Overall, I enjoyed the matches, its much more fun when it gets hectic towards the end and everyone is frantically trying to stay alive. But stay calm, play your class, and above all else, KEEP MOVING!!! Don't hold your ground at any point, always keep track of where enemies are and keep moving, they will follow you around.

So if you have some friends who own this game, crank that sucker up on hard and see how far you can make it.


Nick Jewell said...

Escalation sounds very similar to the Zombies mode in Call of Duty, or even the co-op multiplayer for Mass Effect 3. Not to belittle it, of course: Zombies is actually the only part of Call of Duty I enjoy these days, and I really like the multiplayer in Mass Effect.

It definitely sounds really entertaining. It's cool to hear your thoughts on it and get some insight into how it works! Thanks for that!