Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zaeed, You Ole Fart!

Here's some more random nonsense that happens in my play through of Mass Effect 2. Spoilers!!

If you buy the game new you get DLC..part of that DLC is a new character, a bounty hunter/merc named Zaeed.

Needless to say, I didn't like the guy right from the get go. Hell...when you first meet him..he's beating the snot outta some stranger who is begging him to stop..and Shepard treats its like he's doing the laundry..oh well..continue beating.

So I don't like the character..cause I already know why type of character he is..no nonsense..everyone is expendable..who cares..kill this person..kill that person..blah blah.

So I don't use em...except once..when I HAD too. After that he sits in garbage compactor on my ship babbling to himself.

That's the part I get a kick out of. I go in the room..and if you click on him..it doesn't give you personalized conversation..he just starts telling stories.

But like Abe Simpson who ties onions to his belt stories...I leave the room and he's still talking.
I walk down the hall...and he's still talking...I enter the room where Grunt is...and I can still hear him off in the distance rambling on. Its pretty damn hilarious.

If I get a chance for a suicide mission..Mr Zaeed is first up on the list.


Kelli said...

I know what you mean, lol. I tried to start a relationship with him using my renegade shepard (I thought she needed a little roughness in her life) , and all he talked about was his stories. No wonder he's single.

Blake said...

He's a relic on my ship..go to him for story time.