Monday, April 2, 2012

Yup, I DID!!

I figure I won't bore people with my thoughts on Mass Effect 2...okay..maybe I will..but later...and seeing as I am super late to the party..writing about what I do during my play is also enjoyable. So consider all of these spoilers for Mass Effect 2.

The other day..I went to the SOL system...that's our, mars, etc. While there..I wanted to see if I can probe the planets for resources.

My son was there...begging me..almost crying...GO TO URANUS!!!. So I did....but it said that it was depleted. No need to send a probe...but I guess the fates had it out for me that day. Cause my dog jumped in my lap and accidentally hit the fire probe button.

The next thing I heard was the games AI saying" really Sheppard?!". I didn't quite catch what it I fired another probe just to be sure. And SURE ENOUGH..the computer tells me with disdain in its voice.."Probing Uranus...sigh"

So I probed Uranus!!!! not once!! But TWICE!!! Good times..good times.


Kelli said...

that's funny, i usually bypass the depleted planets in this case I wish i could have witnessed that. Is there something about Uranus that tickles your son?

Blake said...

IT contains the words anus..relate that to all poop related jokes and its a young boys dream world,lol

Blake said...

hey your blog went away?!? Will there be a new one..something else?!

Kelli said...

I should have gotten that one right away, lol .

yea i changed my whole blog the other day, I'm pretty happy with this one so far